Slowly and steadily Sajid Khan has cemented his place in the Bigg Boss house. From taking a stand on various muddas of the house to cracking up the audience with his one-liners, Sajid Khan can easily be seen as the finalists with the way he is going. In a recent episode, Sajid lost his cool at Archana Gautam on being taunted about his father.

Sajid Khan

Sajid bares his heart out

Later, Sajid broke down and revealed details about his father's death. The Humshakals director said that his father died of excessive drinking. He added that his father's liver burst open and blood started oozing out from his mouth and eyes. Farah Khan's brother revealed that it didn't take his father more than two minutes to die.

Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam

How Salim Khan stood by the family

SK, as he is fondly called in the house, revealed that he had no money for the funeral and had to visit relatives' homes to ask for money. He said that it was Salman Khan's father, Salim Khan, who came to him and gave him enough money to run the house. Sajid revealed that after getting the money, the first thing he did was get his father's funeral done and then went on to get groceries for home for the next two months.

Sajid also revealed that the Khan family stood by him during their rough patch. Sajid Khan's entry into the Bigg Boss house shocked many. Since SK was accused in the #metoo scandal, many felt he shouldn't be given such a platform. However, many opined that he had already served the ban and thus, had all the rights to earn his livelihood.