Hina Khan and Ayush Gupta
Hina Khan and Ayush GuptaSocial media

Youngest Reiki healer Ayush Gupta is back with a new Tarot card reading session. In his Tarot predictions, he revealed that some minor health issue is going on with popular TV actress Hina Khan.

Ayush Gupta is the youngest Reiki healer and Youngest Tarot card Reader of India. He is an expert in the healing body through positive energy. At a very young age of 12, he learned Reiki after which he started treating his family members through his therapy at the 'Sadguru Healing Centre' in Madhya Pradesh. He has completed more than 1000 readings to date including some famous Bollywood and TV Celebrities.

In the past, Ayush Gupta had predicted for Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar and Karan Tacker and Avinash Mukherjee. This time he has predicted the future of Actress Hina khan. He apprises, "Keep your mind open and your schedule clear because new people and adventures are entering your life. You have a fantastic vantage point in life. You have really worked hard and you have got beautiful results."

Hina Khan
Hina KhanSocial media

Meanwhile, Ayush Gupta cautioned Hina Khan on health issues. He says, "Many more to come your way. You will definitely get lots of good opportunities. You have to keep focusing on your health also, maybe some minor health issue are going on with you, start balancing your chakras. Your news will spread all over the world. I can see the signs. You have an amazing intellectual focus."

Ayush Gupta concluded, "You are a loving person with a very kind nature, and your this nature helps you a lot. You can attract money, soon you will gain financially, just follow your gut and intuition. As far as love life is concerned, you don't need to hide your emotions from your partner. You can actually talk to him about what is troubling you. Your future with your partner is very good and there will be a little bit of ups-and-downs but it will be really good. Stay positive."