Tanveey Kapur
Tanveey Kapur

Combine a Soulpreneur and an Entrepreneur into one dynamic powerhouse of positive energy, and you have Tanveey Kapur- A psychic, tarot card reader and a businesswoman, all rolled into one! In her own words, Tanveey is motivating people to lead better lives – providing hopes and solutions for personal and professional challenges.

They say you don't choose the mystic as much as it chooses you. It was as early as her days through school and college, that Tanveey was drawn to Linda Goodman's books and having her cards read on various occasions. Early academics were followed by advanced education in Business, Fashion & Styling, post which Tanveey launched her first baby - Havishaa Global, a luxury consultancy.

Havishaa Global thrived from its very inception. But when you have a secret calling, it's pure passion that guides you on that path.

"With every passing day I feel the importance of doing what I'm drawn to. We all have a calling that we may not always consciously be aware of," says Tanveey.

Tanveey has around 1.6k followers on instagram and 3000 followers on Facebook. Her Instagram handle is @tanveeykapur and Facebook Page handle is @tanveey19. Her dedication to keep people informed about a satisfying and happy life is all evident from her Instagram handle. Not only this, Tanveey has been updating her followers with her views and prediction as well as her tours and work.

Access Consciousness came to Tanveey in 2014, when she was fresh out of an abusive relationship. This was a time of introspection – She had a lot of questions for herself, but also started finding the important answers – A woman needed to have her own back in the fight against being someone's punching bag, or worse. Recovering from the trauma of physical and emotional abuse meant transforming into a more confident and authentic version of herself. "Like Gabby Bernstein I'm quite the spirit junkie and I do know the universe has my back," she says.

The transformation was pure magic! Two years of Access classes and back-to-back certifications led Tanveey to the discovery that the reality she has envisaged for herself was possible. She was attracted to the occult, guided by her desire to share energy work with the larger world, and helping people around her transcend their perceived limitations. Along the way Tanveey has been involved in Past Life Regression, Angels and shows for NRGWORKERS which she founded in 2016. It continues to be a platform for healers across India and worldwide. Last year she started professional tarot readings for her clients around the world, and founded The Crystal Wellness.

Much of Tanveey's life journey has been shaped by her family. Her father, Naraind Kapur, chose to break from the comfortable mould of the family business as a young man, and went on to chart great success in his chosen profession. "He has only good memories and no regrets. He tells me that having sorted individuals around you who watch out for you, is among the ingredients of the secret recipe," Tanveey shares. She fondly remembers her 'Cheenupapa', her father's friend, who always inspired him to be the best version of himself.

Another positive influence has been her mother Shuchi, who among other things, helped cultivate Tanveey's love for the arts. She painstakingly ensured that Tanveey trained in Bharatnatyam and Indian classical music, ferrying all over town to have her participate in social and cultural programs and Doordarshan TV recitals. "I miss training in music and plan to restart soon. I continue to support and promote many upcoming artists and masters through my Luxury Consultancy Havishaa Global," says Tanveey.

Tanveey feels her life's come a full circle of relationships with her husband Adarssh Mnpuria. She met Adarssh in an unexpected setting on a flight back from a work assignment. Today they share a bond of not just being spouses, but each other's guiding force. "I see him toil to excel day in and day out, through every opportunity and crisis - including the Corona pandemic. We continue to learn, to love and grow together as companions and as individuals," says Tanveey.

The family shares their passion for travel and exploring the world. They ensure they all take time out for vacations, staycations, and all kinds of adventures that come their way. Having visited over 25 countries and counting, Tanveey believes that travel makes your soul explore versions of yourself you never know you had. Her scuba learner's training in Maldives, and a trip to Alaska, continue to be life highlights!

Her key life lesson has been to follow her own knowing, her gut, her intuition. She follows the energy as everything is energy, the spoken the unspoken, seen the unseen, the heard the unheard.

Tanveey believes that each individual is blessed with the innate power of intuition, and she continues to pursue her passion for guiding people to harness their energies for making the right decisions.