Avengers infinity war Thanos
A still from Avengers: Infinity War.Marvel Studios/Facebook

Even the Avengers: Infinity War's Russo Brothers weren't spared of the Thanos snap on Reddit. Joe and Anthony Russo were among the many Avengers:  Infinity War fans who participated in the Thanos-like ban under the Thanos Did Nothing Wrong subreddit and the Mad Titan decided to strike a perfect balance by banning one and sparing the other Russo Brother.

Confused? Let's recap a little of what was going on Reddit. Last week, the social media platform announced that they were starting a subreddit where they would perform a Thanos-like culling banning half of the members of the said group. The banned members were then taken to InTheSoulStone sub group.

With the blessing from Thanos actor Josh Brolin and the Avengers: Infinity War directors, the subreddit called Thanos Did Nothing Wrong began and the Russo Brothers joined in too.

The digital snap took place this weekend and through a live stream, participants began to find out their fate on the subreddit. While the banned fans were taking to Twitter to pride over their culling, it was Anthony Russo's ban that stole the cake of the banning night.

The director took to the new sub group wanting to know "where am I?" One of the community moderators shed some light and revealed that Anthony would be stuck with many of those who got banned in the Soul Stone while Joe Russo survived.

Avengers infinity war Thanos
Thanos from Avengers: Infinity WarMarvel/Facebook

While it is still unclear if this was intentional or mere coincidence, the digital snap did bring a perfect balance by banning one of them and sparing the other.

Russo Brothers, Avengers, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers 4
The Russo Brothers - Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo - who are currently handling Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.Getty Images

Following the process, Marvel Studios' Twitter account posted a GIF featuring Thanos satisfied with the wipeout. Damn, that brought back the memories (and emotions) of the Avengers: Infinity War's ending.

The fun social media move comes on the heels of Infinity War's digital, Blu-ray trailer release. The studio shared an intense trailer of the Marvel movie, revealing the digital release date and confirming that there will be some unseen footage released in the package.