As Americans discuss how Rep. Ted Yoho crossed one too many lines when abusing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N-Y), support for her pours in. Yoho had called AOC a 'Disgusting, f*****g bit*ch' in a confrontation at the nation's Capitol.

"Old white men are afraid of strong women. Pretty standard these days. Keep up the good fight! Thank you for being the change this country needs. I'm sorry this happened to you," wrote Audrey Pittman.

Yoho faces backlash for abusing AOC
Yoho faces backlash for abusing AOCIBT

"Misogyny is violence and should not be tolerated. Nobody deserves this kind of treatment, especially at work," says Dona Rotton.

What if it were a private corporation?

Another supporter raised a valid point, "Why are the rules in govt different than that of a private company in cases like this? If a colleague said this to his coworker in a private company, he would be fired, period."

One supporter suggested, "Imagine for a second that a Black male lawmaker verbally attacked a White female lawmaker and called her "a f***ing b***h". Would there be any other news at all? That would be the entire news cycle. But it happens to AOC and it's just Tuesday."

"Getting called a bit*h by a Republican means you're doing something right.
You bring facts, statistics & policy. Since they can't run on any of those they resort to name-calling and posting propaganda," feels Amos.

"I can't wait till you're president," Hillary Burton.

Reza says, "GOP never fails to demonstrate its classless acts. And what the hell is wrong with Floridian and their governor and representative from Congress. Florida seems to be picking the BRIGHTEST and their BEST for elected office."

Yoho to AOC, statement 1: "You are out of your freaking mind."

Yoho to AOC, statement 2: "You are disgusting".

Yoho as a parting thought, statement 3: "Fuc***g bit*h".

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