How to wipe your slate clean online
How to wipe your slate clean onlineReuters

Do you remember how many websites you have subscribed for over the years and no longer use them? Well, it's time for some spring cleaning. Instead of remembering each and every website or service you ever subscribed to over the past few years, here's a simple and easy way to erase your online presence with a few clicks.

Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unneb├Ąck created to help netizens take care of the most important thing ever in the simplest manner. If you ever used your email address to access a particular site or service several years ago, then you are still linked to that. You probably won't remember it, but sifts through every such account tied to your email address and gives you the option to delete it.

How to use

Visit and sign in with your Google account. Grant permission to the site to access your account, which can be revoked at any time from within Google settings. Once you sign in, a list of online accounts will appear in front of you.

Some sites you might remember, but most of them might seem alien. To get rid of those accounts, gives you the option to "add to delete queue". Once you have sorted all the accounts you want to get rid of, delete them from the queue one-by-one.

When the user clicks on delete for any particular account, the site redirects the user to the associated site or service's deactivation page. Follow the site's rules and bid adieus to the service.

In case you see the delete option has been greyed out for certain accounts, it is because hasn't got the right link yet. But at least you know where your account is linked up, so you can go to the site's official page and delete it manually. is a single page layout, which handles the task of letting you know where all your email address has been linked and allows the users to delete the unnecessary accounts.