T Rajendar
T Rajendar.PR Handout

T Rajendar, who is known for his outspoken nature, has refused to comment about Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan's entry to politics. The possible collaboration of the two Kollywood stalwarts in the next assembly elections is the talk of the town in Tamil Nadu. Their tie-up in politics is highly debated on local and national media.

The father of multifaceted actor, Simbu, has claimed that he is a fan of both the actors. Hence, he refused to react to their tie up. "Similar to You too Brutus, you trying to provoke me by telling I am not successful in politics and gain TRP, This TR is always in TRP. I never entered politics to become CM, but to question the ones in power. I am a fan of both Rajni and Kamal, and they are seniors to me in the industry, don't question me about their political decisions," Indiaglitz quotes him as saying.

Ungal Naan
The first indication of collaboration came at the recently held Ungal Naan, an event organised to celebrate the 60 years of Kamal Haasan in film industry. The Tamil superstar said that two years ago, nobody had imagined that Edappadi Palaniswami would become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, which for him, is "marvel and wonder."

"There was no one in Tamil Nadu who did not say the government would last only 20 days, a month or that it will fall in about four to five months..99 per cent of people said that...a wonder happened, a marvel happened...government did not fall, and is continuing overcoming all obstacles. A wonder and miracle had happened yesterday, is continuing today and tomorrow also it will happen," NDTV quoted him as saying at Ungal Naan.

Once again, Rajinikanth, on Thursday, 21 November, said that the people of Tamil Nadu will witness "a miracle in 2021."