Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, the two stalwarts of Kollywood, have hinted at joining hands in politics. The actors, although have different ideologies, are ready to team up for the betterment of Tamil Nadu.

Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth at Ungal 60 (Kamal 60)
Kamal Haasan hugs his long-time friend Rajinikanth at Ungal Naan.PR Handout

Speaking with the reporters, Kamal Haasan reiterated that he was open to join hands with Rajinikanth in politics. "There is no need for creating a new bonding between myself and Rajinikanth. We have been friends for around 44 years. If the need arises, we will come together for the betterment of Tamil Nadu," he said after arriving at Chennai airport from Odisha. He had earlier made a statement on the similar lines.

What is most surprising is Rajinikanth too echoing the same views. "If the situation for an alliance arises for the welfare of people, I will definitely unite with Kamal Haasan," the Tamil superstar said. This development comes a few days after the stars shared the stage together at Ungal Naan event and hinted about taking their friendship to the next level.

Kamal Haasan floated his Makkal Needhi Maiam 18 months ago and the party contested in the Lok Sabha elections earlier this year. He did not contest the election, but fielded candidates in 40 seats that includes one seat in Puducherry.

MNM Report Card
However, the contestants from the MNM lost their deposits in all 40 seats, but ended in the third places in a couple of constituencies. Whereas Rajinikanth refused to field any candidates from his Rajini Makkal Mandram and did not support any party.

Rajinikanth Shattered BJP's Dreams
Recently, Rajinikanth put an end to the rumours of joining the BJP. Speaking to media, the actor, who recently completed dubbing for his role in his next movie Darbar, responded to a question on his meeting with Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan, said that the BJP had not invited him to join the party.

The Tamil superstar reiterated that he has no plans to join the saffron party. "Just like they tried to saffronise Thiruvalluvar, they're trying to do the same with me. Thiruvalluvar did not fall for the trap, neither will I," Rajinikanth claimed.