Flash's greatest enemy, Zoom, has arrived in Central City, and since then one question has been on the minds of all "The Flash" fans: who is Zoom Zolomon? While Tony Todd has been voicing the Big Bad, most of us believe the actor under the mask will be someone we all know and possibly love.

With the opening of the gates to Earth 2, we have seen the arrival of a meta-human who looks similar to someone in Barry's world. It even brought Dr Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) of Earth 2 to Star Labs, and although he looks exactly like the man who stabbed Barry's (Grant Gustin) mother, Team Flash has learned to trust him.

A similar level of impact can be made only if the man behind the Zoom mask is someone from Barry's life, and more importantly someone Barry will have difficulty fighting. The two popular guesses among fans are Barry's father Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) and Joe's (Jesse L Martin) former partner and Iris' fiance Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), with most fans believing Zoom to be Henry Allen of Earth 2.

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Over 2,500 fans participated in a poll we recently conducted, and a large majority among them seemed to believe it would be older Allen. One of the main reasons for this is the man the Zoom suit seems to be looming over Barry, and Eddie isn't tall enough to tower over Barry.

Henry is currently enjoying his freedom by living as one with nature. While we do not believe that the Henry who gave Barry the pep talk to get him back in the game in Episode 7 is necessarily Zoom, it seems very likely that this doppelganger from Earth 2 is Zoom.

An Easter egg that affirms this theory is the fact that Henry told Barry he was going fishing, just like Zoom told his nemesis that he was fishing.

Also, according to the comic books, there is a Hunter Zolomon who becomes Zoom to make his best friend Wally West aka Kid Flash a better superhero by challenging him. The Zoom of "The Flash" could also be a convoluted version of the same character, who is Barry's father from Earth 2, and is challenging him to make him better.

None of these theories can be confirmed, however, until the mask actually comes off. Meanwhile, check back here for more fan theories, spoilers and sneak peeks.