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"The Flash" has been absent from the CW line-up since the Season 1 finale, aired a week ago. However, with the apparent demise of Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) in "Fast Enough", rose the questions regarding his true identity.

Right from the initial stages of the series, it was known that Eddie will be pivotal character although he was only shown as a love interest of Iris (Candice Patton). Although he resorted to accepting a fate shown by Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), wherein he makes no exceptional accomplishments (not even marry Iris), he decides to make his own future, towards the end of the finale.

He kills himself to erase Eobard from the future, and reveals to Iris before dying that all he ever wanted was to be a hero in her eyes.

However, no Flash fan is buying Eddie's death; and not just because the main cast's early demise seems a little too fishy. Many fan theories suggest that Eddie would come back as a super-villain in "The Flash" Season 2.

·     REVERSE FLASH: Just before Eddie got sucked into the wormhole, many viewers spotted a ring hanging around Eddie's neck. Other than the naive notion of it being Iris' engagement ring, a popular theory is that the "Reverse Flash" ring could have been looped into the chain around Eddie's neck.

The ring was used by Eobard to store his yellow costume, and although Eddie's farewell did not make it seem like he was in a hurry to turn evil anytime soon, it helps if the costume is at hand, in case he decides to change his mind.

·     COBALT BLUE: Another popular theory regarding Eddie is that he is Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) long-lost twin brother Malcolm Thawne. According to the DC Universe, the Allens had twin sons, one of whom was given to the Thawne family by the doctor.

While the Allens believed Malcolm was stillborn, he was being raised by a family that instilled hatred in him. When Malcolm later discovers that he is actually an Allen and not a Thawne, he resents Barry and vows to destroy his life.

Malcolm takes on the super-villain identity of Cobalt Blue to fulfil that dream.


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