Team Flash is weary of all the evil meta-humans coming from Central City Earth 2, and is hatching a plan to put an end to Zoom's (voiced by Tony Todd) master plan of killing Barry (Grant Gustin) and being the only speedster in all of multi-verse.

Throughout Season 2, meta-humans have been attacking Barry at Zoom's behest, and it has allowed us to understand that for every person in Barry's Earth, there is a doppelganger in Earth 2. The last episode pitted Barry and Dr Light (Malese Jow), a lookalike of his ex-girlfriend Linda Park, against each other, and with a little difficulty Flash defeated her.

At the end of the episode, Barry realises there is no point in delaying the inevitable — facing Zoom. He seeks the help of everyone, from Dr Wells of Earth 2 (Tom Cavanaugh) to Jay Garrick, Flash of Earth 2 (Teddy Sears), in defeating Zoom, but Jay, who has tried to defeat Zoom multiple times in his world, refuses to watch Barry get killed.

In the upcoming episode, we see the team training Linda of Barry's Earth to pretend to be Dr Light, and pretend to fight Flash, before he gets hit and falls down. The team hopes Zoom, who sees the fight, will come through the portal to collect Flash's body, and when he does, they can defeat him.

From what Jay has said, it is not going to be that easy; granted, even he has admitted he was never as fast as Barry.

Fans, meanwhile, are excited to finally see the man behind the black mask, and as always fan theories abound.

One of the most popular theories is Zoom of Earth 2 will be Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) aka Iris' ex-boyfriend who sacrificed himself to save Central City in the Season 1 finale. Ever since his death, fans have speculated his return, but we had all assumed it would be as another villain: Cobalt Blue.

Therefore, this theory seems a little off to us. Not to mention that Cosnett is busy with another ground-breaking show, "Quantico", which airs on ABC.

Another group of theorists suggest Zoom would be Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) aka Barry's father from Earth who recently got out of prison, but left Central City abruptly because he thought his presence would distract Barry from his responsibilities as Flash.

This would be a great storyline, because not only would it be great to see the juxtaposition of Henry and Zoom's personalities, but also because nothing could really top Barry's shock than realising he would have to kill the man who looks exactly like his father.

Watch out for Season 2 Episode 6 of "The Flash" at 8 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 10 November. You can also live stream "Enter Zoom" via CWTV. 

Who is Zoom from Earth 2?
Eddie Thawne
Henry Allen
Neither. It will be played by Tony Todd
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