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The makers of Laal Singh Chaddha starring Aamir Khan released its logo on November 6 and it has been going viral on social media with a strange reason. Surprisingly, hashtag #DelhiAirPollution is trending.

Laal Singh Chaddha is the official Bollywood remake of Tom Hanks' Hollywood classic Forest Gump, which is about a man with a low IQ, who joins the army for service where he meets Dan and Bubba. But he cannot stop thinking about his childhood sweetheart Jenny Curran, whose life is messed up. Aamir Kahn is seen in Hanks' role and his fans can't wait for the film, which is set for 2020 Christmas release.

Aamir Khan released the logo of Laal Singh Chaddha online and tweeted, "Kya pata hum mein hai kahani, ya hai kahaani mein hum..." The video features the logo set against the beautiful cloudy blue sky with the background score of the above lines. The logo, which was instant hit with the audience, went viral for different reasons and the hashtag #DelhiAirPollution started trending on social media.

Delhi has been choked by the worst air quality and many viewers modified the logo of Laal Singh Chaddha to replicate the Delhi Air Pollution. They changed this colourful video to black and white. They also changed the original line "Kya Pata Hum mein pollution hai ya pollution mein hum'. Besides sharing this morphed video, they expressed their concerns about pollution.

Aamir Khan admirers give a creative touch to the logo

Considering this serious issue, admirers of Aamir Khan have definitely given a creative touch to the original logo and taken a thoughtful jibe. These days many pictures of Aamir Khan with the Laal Singh Chaddha getup is getting viral as the actor started shooting for the same. Here are some of their tweets:

LearnerTillLast @ashrarali01

Some people enter your life like a breath of fresh air @aamir_khan #LaalSinghChaddha and eventually turn into the Delhi Polluted air... #DelhiPollution

रौshan @ItsRaushan_

The situation in Delhi needs to be addressed urgently. #DelhiAirPollution

αикιт яαנρυт @Singh__Ankiit

what a hard-hitting way to give us something to reflect and ponder over. #DelhiAirPollution

Jibs @SanskariHorny

We need to wake up and start reflecting on the choices we make. #DelhiAirPollution

रूही @ruhi_rua

The situation in Delhi should be a wake up call for all of us!! #DelhiAirPollution

Mike Purnow @Purnoww

At what point are we going to start acting on it?? #DelhiAirPollution

Mannu Singh @Mac_ssr1

It's time to start thinking. It's time to start acting. #DelhiAirPollution

Salone @SAI0NE

Ab nahi toh Kab? The situation in Delhi does not seem to be getting better. #DelhiAirPollution

Rowdy Pavan @Howdy_Pavan

Delhi is choking. It couldn't get worse. We need to start reflecting and mending our ways. #DelhiAirPollution

Ankit Akkian @AkkiansAnkit

The #DelhiAirPollution requires us to come together and take action.

कुमार गौतम @GuruHTL1

It's high time we need to understand the state of our country right now, it can be reduced only if we all fight against it together #DelhiAirPollution

सपना सिंह @Sapna1Rk

Kal kare so aaj kar, Aaj kare so ab! It's time we need to start taking this seriously and act accordingly #DelhiAirPollution

Ronak kumar @Roni1Rk

Pollution is one of the major problems today. It's high time we need to understand our responsibility towards environment and take a step to fight against it. #DelhiAirPollution

Sumit chaudhary @jatt_sumitch129

Our own people are suffering because of the #DelhiAirPollution. What are we going to do about it??

Shikha Singh @Shikha_HTL

Delhi is choking and this needs to be solved. It is our equal responsibility to fight against it. #DelhiAirPollution

कृतिका रानी @Kritika__rani

This situation calls for reflection.. #DelhiAirPollution

ʀᴀᴠɪ ꜱʜᴀʀᴍᴀ @ranjan__sharma

Sochne wali baat toh pakki hai.. yeh ho kya gaya hai!! #DelhiAirPollution

बिट्टू राज @rathore__bittu

It's time for us to accept the harsh reality and start taking responsibility. #DelhiAirPollution

Sonika Singh @Sonika__singh

What are we doing! The capital of our nation is choking! #DelhiAirPollution

Ritika Singhania @Ritika_singhnia

We need to act now!! For a better present and future. #DelhiAirPollution

VIJAY @Vijaykumar971

"क्या पता हम में है पोल्युशन, या पोल्युशन में हैं हम" - jisne bhi likha hai bahut khub likha hai yaar! This is literally defining current state of our environment #DelhiAirPollution

Anchita @itsAnchita7

It's sad that people turn a blind eye towards the current state of our environment and run away from their responsibilities! #DelhiAirPollution

Abhi @iAbhijeet89

Pollution is poised to turn into the biggest concern. It's high time we need to realize our responsibility and fight against it #DelhiAirPollution

Řîśhäbh Kùmàř @Rishabh_kumar1

Our worst fear is now our reality. We can't waste more time. We need to do something NOW!!! #DelhiAirPollution