Hoe Ji Woong
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South Korean writer and entertainer Heo Ji Woong took to Instagram to reveal his recent diagnosis on December 12.

Heo Ji Woong took to Instagram and posted a very personal and emotional message. In the post, he spoke about the symptoms that we brush aside as being normal, while it indicated something big underneath.

Heo's post, "I have received a diagnosis of malignant lymphoma. They say it is a form of hematologic malignancy. I have been noticing some swelling and lethargy for a long time but had no idea that it was a sign of such a serious disease. While I waited for confirmation these past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot. I'm glad at least I could finish all the work that I had signed up for. Yesterday, I finished my last filming and feel comfortable in my mind".

The writer further stated that "In my essay collection, 'For a Life Endured', I wrote that we should endure together. I believe that life can only be lived by enduring whatever comes at us. I think we should all hold in our hearts a phrase that is dear to us and endure until the very end. I will win against this".

Further to the Instagram post, the writer's agency Esteem Entertainment confirmed the news about Heo Ji Woong's health. The agency stated that since many people are concerned and anxious about the health condition of the writer, the agency clarified that "In the middle of a busy schedule, Hoe Ji Woong noticed some strange symptoms in his body and went to the hospital. He was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) and has begun chemotherapy treatment".

The agency further stated that "In order to make a full recovery, Hoe Ji Woong has halted all his activities to focus on his treatment".

Worried fans and well-wishers have started to pour goodwill messages and words for encouragement wishing him a speedy recovery.