A few days after some parts of her Mumbai office were demolished by BMC, Kangana Ranaut has announced that she is leaving Mumbai. The Queen actor's office was demolished over some illegal constructions. Kangana had claimed that she would continue working with the ravaged building as she doesn't have money to rebuild it. The actress had also met the Governor of the state and Karni Sena members post the incident.

Taking to Twitter, Kangana has now said that she is leaving Mumbai. "With a heavy heart leaving Mumbai, the way I was terrorised all these days constant attacks and abuses hurled at me attempts to break my house after my work place, alert security with lethal weapons around me, must say my analogy about POK was bang on." Now, whether this will be a short break before the tigress bounces back or has she left Mumbai forever remains to be seen.

Kangana Ranaut
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No money to rebuild

After her office building was demolished, Kangana had tweeted, "I had my office opening on 15th Jan, shortly after corona hit us, like most of us I haven't worked ever since, don't have money to renovate it, I will work from those ruins keep that office ravaged as a symbol of a woman's will that dared to rise in this world." (sic)

Request to Sonia Gandhi

In several tweets, Kangana Ranaut had urged Sonia Gandhi to look into the attacks on her. "president Sonia Gandhi ji being a woman arn't you anguished by the treatment I am given by your government in Maharashtra? Can you not request your Government to uphold the principles of the Constitution given to us by Dr. Ambedkar?" and "You have grown up in the west and lived here in India. You may be aware of the struggles of women. History will judge your silence and indifference when your own Government is harassing women and ensuring a total mockery of law and order. I hope you will intervene" (sic)