Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's personal lives are on a hiatus as the former couple is stuck with the ugly legal battle. New accusations are coming out almost every week and no one is sure how and when this legal battle is going to end. Fantastic Beasts movie star's friend now claims that movie star Amber allegedly faked a bloody nose with red nail polish.

The latest accusation comes from Johnny Depp's longtime friend Josh Richman. As per The Blast, Richman claims that Pirates of the Caribbean movie star has a Kleenex covered in red nail polish. Richman discussed the Kleenex during a deposition that was acquired by the outlet. The deposition mainly reveals how Depp's close family and friends were not too pleased with his marriage to Amber Heard.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
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"We, and certainly I knew from Johnny that prior to the wedding that on a night they had an argument, Johnny recounted to me, Amber went into the bathroom, and came out with a Kleenex with red on it, saying he had given her a bloody nose. But after the incident, he retrieved the Kleenex, which he says he still has to this day. Amber had placed red nail polish on the Kleenex."

It should be noted here that Josh Richman was apparently not a witness to the said alleged accident.

Apart from this, Josh Richman recounted how Depp's close friends had their own limitations before the wedding even took place. As per him, Aquaman movie star Amber Heard "emotionally abused and tormented Johnny, cut him away from his real friends, and was emotionally cruel to him."

Amber Heard is grieving:

The 34-year-old Amber Heard's mother Paige Heard passed away. The movie actress took to Instagram to share the devastating news.

Justice League
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"She left us too early, clasping onto the memory of her beautiful, gentle soul. She will be missed from the very depths of our hearts forever. Her unflinching, open heart made her the most beautiful woman I had ever known. It's hard to imagine and even more difficult to say but I feel truly lucky to have been her daughter and been given the gift of having the light she shone on everyone, fall on me for nearly 34 years."

The death of Amber Heard's mother's death comes amid Amber's bitter legal battle with Johnny Depp. As per our previous reports, Amber allegedly claimed that her ex-husband became enraged and thew a cell phone at her face. Johnny Depp, however, maintains that he has never laid a finger on his wife and even accused her of fabricating her version of events to gain publicity.