Shah Rukh Khan, Bauua Singh, Zero
Shah Rukh Khan as Bauua Singh in ZeroTwitter

Shah Rukh Khan is currently in China to attend to the 9th Beijing International Film Festival. His last release - Zero - would be shown at the film fest. Shah Rukh was nearly pushed, pulled, kissed and almost mobbed at the film fest. Overwhelmed by the love and welcoming gesture of the people of China, Shah Rukh had taken to Twitter to say, "I am red all over!"

At the fest, Shah Rukh also spoke about the failure of Zero in India. Wondering whether or not the audience in China would accept the film, he said, "Unfortunately Zero itself wasn't received too well back home in India, maybe I made the wrong film, maybe I did not do the right storytelling so I am a little wary how it will be received here and I hope people here will like it."

Shah Rukh also addressed the rumours of him backing out of the Rakesh Sharma biopic and the speculations of him opting out of Don 3. There were also the rumours of Shah Rukh's production house collaborating with Netflix for a couple of web-series. Khan said that he would be able to announce anything only in June. The actor also said that he would only work on a project which is absolutely, stunning, scintillating and exciting.

Talking about it, SRK said, "I haven't decided what I will do next. I thought I will take a few months off and try and work on what I want to do because it's very important for me to be most excited about it. I work 16 hours a day, so if it doesn't excite you in the morning, you should not wake up. At my stage, when I have worked in over 80 films, have done some satisfactory roles and have made a career out of what I do, I should be like I don't want to get up and go if it's not going to be an absolutely, stunning, scintillating and exciting day as an actor. So, right now I don't have anything that stunning, scintillating and exciting, If I will have it, I will start working on it."