Self-styled psychic Nicolas Aujula who claimed to have predicted the coronavirus outbreak has now shared his vision on the happenings that will shock the world in 2021. According to Aujula, 2021 will be another happening year in human history characterized by civil unrest, political bombshells, and celebrity heartbreak.

An exodus of the population to come

Aujula claims that he has received premonitions of what is in the store for 2021. In a recent interaction with, after analyzing his visions, Aujula predicted that an exodus of the population will happen in 2021, and it is going to be another tough 12 years for humanity.

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Representational image.REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

"I'm seeing people moving somewhere for a better life, almost like a mass exodus. I'm not talking a few hundred – I mean thousands," said Aujula, reports.

Heart attack for Tom Cruise

Aujula believes that Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise may suffer heart ailments in 2021. He also predicted the romantic heartbreak possibility for Natalie Portman and Kim Kardashian.

"I keep getting the words 'Tom Cruise' and 'heart' coming to me. Maybe that's literal and he'll be poorly with a heart problem, or maybe it's metaphorical and he'll go through a break-up or something. I'm also seeing romantic heartache for Natalie Portman and Kim Kardashian. Who knows, maybe she will split with Kanye West?" added Aujula.

Aujula also expects a rise in far-right politics in European countries, and he even hinted at the possibility of the world summit being plagued by a sex scandal. The self-proclaimed psychic also added that the world will witness a deadly volcanic eruption in 2021, and it could result in drastic weather changes.

The psychic also believes that a major controversy in the UK's Royal Family could be stirred up in 2021. According to Aujula, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex will spill up some secrets about the UK Royal Family in 2021. He also predicted the possibility of a male political leader getting assassinated in 2021.