US President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 along with his wife and First Lady Melania Trump. The news clearly sent shockwaves across the world, pouring in mixed reactions. But one of the posts that went viral shortly after Trump's COVID news was an image that looked like it was taken straight out a Simpsons episode.

The claim

A viral image showed a cartoon version of Trump in a coffin with what appears to be a secret service agent standing in the front. The image has gone viral, with several users sharing the photo on social media.

Fact check

The Simpsons has a reputation of making accurate predictions on various current affairs. For instance, the long-running series had shown in a 1993 episode that many Springfield residents contracted a flu-like virus, and many were quick to draw similarities to COVID-19.

Fact check


Firstly, this is an old image that has resurfaced following the announcement of Trump's COVID news. The image is also fake, which first came into circulation in 2017, Distractify reported. As for the truth behind the image, it never appeared on The Simpsons, rather it was a fan-made depiction. The original creator remains unidentified, but the Snopes had reported in 2017 that the image first appeared in a thread on a forum.

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Fact-check: No, Simpsons did not kill Trump; fake photo resurfaced after COVID news

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