The dog that looks like a bear
The dog that looks like a bearInstagram

This odd-looking dog errr... bear has left everyone talking across the world.

Recently a bizarre looking creature, whose picture has gone viral on the internet, was first found in Chelyabinsk, in south-central Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast region. Later the bear-dog has been brought into an animal shelter of that region.

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Everyone seems to be wondering about the bizarre-looking creature as some locals pointed out that "they have never seen anything like it before."

Pictures of the dog-bear are already breaking the internet as one person even expressed the desire to adopt the animal, but the animal shelter's staffs say that it is not worth hurrying with this.

As noted by Bored Panda, the animal, which has been identified as a four-year-old male, has already been christened Potapich.

The animal shelter volunteer Polina Kefer told the Siberian Times, "Remember those pet markets, where irresponsible breeders sell dogs pretending they are pure breed."

She further added, "Once puppies grow into something like this dog, they throw them out like a broken toy."

An animal activist said that the dog-bear seems to be more dog than a bear, according to

The dog that looks like a bear
The dog that looks like a bearInstagram

He was also quoted saying, "It has a difficult character, actually a little noxious. We had a tough time with it, while we were transporting it. The new owner would have to spend a lot of time in order to figure out individual approach to this dog."

Veterinarians are still doubtful about the creature while they assume that the four-year-old could be a cross of a stray dog and chowchow that has given him bear-like features. 

The animal is nicknamed as Medvebaka from the Russian words for bear and dog,