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A distressing video posted on social media that shows a teen boy throwing a cat onto the street has gone viral. But it is for all the right reasons as nearly 1,600 people commented on the original post demanding justice.

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The Fontana Police Department took to Twitter on Saturday and said that it had been contacted by several people regarding the video.

In the video, the teenage boy is seen holding up a cat in the front yard of a home and then throws it on the road like a football.

The Fontana Police Department said in a statement: "We are aware of a video that depicts the abuse of a cat."

"We thank everyone for contacting our department with the video."

"It has been determined that the incident took place outside our city and we are working with the appropriate jurisdiction to find the cat and the suspect."

Ontario Police Department later announced on Twitter that the cat has a leg fracture "but is going to be ok."

However, the cat could not survive due to a lot of internal bleeding.

Maggie Babbee, who was one of the 1,600 people to comment on the original tweet, said: "Justice needs to be served that poor cat didn't deserve that, it really broke my heart hearing the cry for help it was making."

You can watch the sickening video here.