Asteroid collision
Asteroid formation through planetary collisionDon Davis via University of Florida

NASA had previously revealed that a gigantic asteroid measuring more than a mile is on its collision course with Earth. Experts at NASA say that this space body named '2002 NT7' will approach Earth at a speed of more than 60,000 miles per hour, and some space experts even predict that there is a narrow chance of a potential collision on February 1.

However, NASA later clarified all these doomsday rumours and made it clear that the space body is no longer posing a threat to the planet. NASA revealed that the '2002 NT7' will have a flyby at around 37,910,000 miles away from Earth, a distance much away than Mars.

However, adamant conspiracy theorists don't seem to be convinced with NASA's explanation, and they have started arguing that the US space agency is now involved in an intentional cover-up. These conspiracy theorists believe that the rogue space body will hit the planet either in January or February, causing massive destruction everywhere.

These theorists also added that a potential public panic which may arise in the society might be the reason which compels NASA to hide the secrets surrounding '2002 NT7'.

NASA had been continuously monitoring space bodies that may have potential chances of hitting Earth. However, until now, there are no space bodies lurking near Earth that could bring about an apocalypse on the planet in this century.

However, some space experts believe that Bennu asteroid could make an impact on the earth within the next 150 years. As per space experts, the chances of the asteroid slamming devastatingly on Earth is one in 2,700, and if their predictions become real, Earth will surely face dire consequences.

A few days back, Dr Iain McDonald, a senior scientist at Cardiff University School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, had revealed that Earth will inevitably hit by a doomsday asteroid in the future. While talking on the BBC's Today programme, McDonald argued that dreaded asteroid hits have happened in the past, and these events will be repeated in the future too.