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Dr Iain McDonald, a top scientist at the Cardiff University's school of earth and ocean sciences has revealed that earth will inevitably get hit by a doomsday asteroid one day or the other. While talking on the BBC's Today programme, McDonald revealed that devastating events like dreaded asteroid hits had happened throughout the history, and he made it clear that the possibility of such an event in the future could not be ruled out.

"I try not to because it would be calamitous. As geologists, we recognize these events throughout history and we try and think of effects they must have had on life at that time. We know that these things will always happen. There are always rocks flying through space. Inevitably one of these will hit us and it will have pretty dramatic effects," said McDonald during the talk, reports.

It should be noted that Iain McDonald was the part of the study team that spotted a deep impact crater hidden beneath the Greenland ice a few days ago. The newly discovered crater is 31 kilometers wide and 1000 feet deep, making it one of the top 25 largest impact crater on earth. After analyzing the crater using lasers and radar, experts revealed that a giant iron meteorite impact could have resulted in this gigantic structure.

Experts believe that this deep impact crater could be as old as three million years or as young as 12,000 years. Researchers who took part in the study also suggested that this asteroid impact could have contributed to the extinction of Clovis people. Even now, the extinction of Clovis people remains a mystery, and experts now argue that there might be a connection between this mammoth asteroid impact and the death of these people.

As per the researchers, the asteroid impact could have contributed to a period of climate change called the Younger Dryas. This phenomenon could have resulted in a plunge in temperature, and it could have resulted in the extinction of various people.

In the meantime, conspiracy theorists believe that an apocalypse on the earth will be triggered due to the collision of the planet with Nibiru. As per these conspiracy theorists, Nibiru alias Planet X is an alleged killer planet that might be lurking at the edge of the solar system. Nibiru believers argue that the rogue planet is now in its collision course, and once it hits us, massive devastations will be triggered everywhere.