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Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a popular author who has penned more than 50 books has claimed that the world is currently going through the end times. Winston also added that the 'holy land' of Israel will soon witness a great apocalyptic war that could mark the end of the world.

The comments from Winston came at a time when clashes on the Gaza strip touched new heights along with elevated tensions between Iran and Syria. 

Winston believes that the upcoming war known as War of Gog and Magog will mark the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. The author also made it clear that the war will last for just 12 minutes, and it will encompass the whole world in a quick time. Conspiracy theorists now believe that the reference of '12 minutes' by the doomsday predictor is a clear indication of an upcoming nuclear battle which will tear the entire planet in a quick time.

Pinchas Winston also argues that the great war will mark the return of Messiah in the holy land of Israel.

"There are many aspects described in prophecy that skeptics say is impossible. It is all part of the bigger plan. We can sweeten the judgment to the point where we barely notice the war. Or it could be more horrifying than anything we could ever imagine," said Winston, Dailystar reports.

A few days back, Paul Begley, a popular Christian preacher had warned that apocalypse will be triggered soon in the planet following the arrival of Nibiru, the alleged killer planet that might be lurking at the edge of the solar system. Begley believes that the Book of Revelation had talked about various signs that will happen on earth during the end times.

The extreme Christian evangelist also claimed that the reference of Planet X is mentioned in Chapter 8 of the Bible's Book of Revelation. Begley made it clear that the recent evidence collected by experts that indicate the possible existence of a rogue space body beyond Neptune is a strong sign of Nibiru's arrival.