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Pearle Maaney extends her support to Santhosh Pandit.Pearle Maaney/Facebook

Since 2011, Santhosh Pandit has been drawing all sorts of responses- both negative and positive- over his low-budget movies and talk shows. Many have mocked and insulted him, still he has managed to stay afloat, and now enjoys a good fan-following among the netizens.

Recently, he appeared on Sreekandan Nair show on the Malayalam entertainment channel Flowers TV along with 40 mimicry artistes. After the programme, where he was seen fighting the nasty comments of comedians all by himself, the self-declared superstar immediately raked in immense support on social media. Even, actor Aju Varghese came forward in support of Pandit.

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Now, television host and actress Pearle Maaney has written a blog "Who moved my Mind?" on the internet sensation Pandit. Pearle, who has often become the victim of social media trolls, calls Pandit as one of the most confusing artiste she has ever seen. "Every time we watch his interviews, we can feel an inner dialogue within us that says 'HE is Breaking all your Formulas of Success, this is a Fluke!. He just got Lucky..He is A Glitch!' [sic]," the actress writes.

Pearle has also shared few gif files that show how most of the people would react after watching Pandit's movies- for which he has handled all the departments except cinematography. All these reactions are negatives, but she asks why he is still popular, strong and powerful? The actress herself finds the answers and says that he is successful as he always believe in him. "Santhosh Pandit, even when nobody believed in him....he believed in himself. when everyone tried to hurt him and demotivate him, he managed to still believe in him [sic]," Pearle adds.

The television anchor also praises Pandit for handling his job in a professional way without breaking any rules, and requests the audience not to throw abuses at him. "Why do we do this to him? Lets not Test him anymore. Lets not keep throwing hatred at him. For a change, Lets just leave him alone. He is Ultimately also a creation of God. Just like how God created You with love and belief, He was Created too," Pearle writes on the blog.

Pearle, who was last seen in the Malayalam movie Kappiri Thuruthu also suggests the people to cricitise the movies of Pandit in a more cultured way rather than abusing and insulting him. "Because someday when your children grow up and god forbidden, acquire the "pandit Syndrome' then it would be too late for u to create a mental Revolution that changes the mindset of people towards people like Pandit. Lets not Create a judgemental world for them."

"Everytime we Hurt and make fun Of Pandit, we should keep in mind that, a young boy looks up to heaven prays to God to save his Dad from this Crazy world and Thats his Son, Navayojith Pandit. Santhosh Pandit. A Fighter Since 2011 [sic]," Pearle concludes her blog about Santhosh Pandit.

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