Santhosh Pandit vs Mimicry artistes in Sreekandan Nair Show
Santhosh Pandit vs Mimicry artistes in Sreekandan Nair ShowFlowers TV/Facebook

Santhosh Pandit, who has starred, directed, scripted, composed and handled almost all other jobs in filmmaking -- expect cinematography -- for five of his movies, is a familiar name and face in Kerala. Even though he enjoys not a big fan-following in the state, the self-declared superstar of Malayalam film industry is known for having intense dislikes and hatred from many movie-goers.

However, the actor has been garnering a sudden support from social media users, thanks to the recently aired Sreekandan Nair show on the Malayalam entertainment channel Flowers TV. The chat show, for which Santhosh was also invited, saw the presence of more than 40 mimicry artistes who were seen attacking him with insulting comments during the programme.

Actor and comedian Eloor George, who is in the entertainment industry for the past 30 years, has been receiving negative response from the audience and his Facebook page has been flooded with nasty comments for insulting Santhosh during the chat show.

Even actor Aju Varghese had come forward supporting Santhosh and against the mimicry artistes for humiliating him in the talk show, while sharing a troll on his Facebook page.

I still wonder on what grounds people humiliate him??? Though we have different opinions on his films I stand strong supporting him as a person and I feel any kind of humiliation made on him is cheap an inhuman. 

For the uninitiated, Santhosh calls himself an all-rounder by handling the role of director, script-writer, music composer, lyricist, singer, choreographer, editor and all other departments in his movies.

The chat show's video uploaded on the YouTube page of Flowers TV has already gone viral with nearly five lakh views at the time of reporting.

Here is the full video of the Sreekandan Nair show - Santhosh Pandit vs Mimicry Artistes

Check out the trolls and memes that support Santhosh Pandit here:

Years ago in a school, a boy was often called as a fool. Some students used to ask him to take the biggest coin from Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 in a deliberate attempt to tease him. That 'fool' always used to take Rs. 2 and others continued to tease him. Once a teacher who saw this called him and asked about it. He replied: I know Rs 5 is a bigger amount, but if I take it, they will stop playing this game and I will no longer get that Rs. 2.

Santhosh Pandit, who makes movies with his own money, is far better than these people who bow their heads before a group of judges for few marks (hinting at the comedy reality shows in Malayalam)

Mohanlal: If you think Eloor George was he one who humiliated Santhosh the most, you are wrong.
Suresh Gopi: Then who?
That's this man who is holding a mike.

Mimicry artiste: Pandit is an ugly superstar
Innocent asking: Are you Shah Rukh Khan to call him an ugly superstar?

Prithviraj Sukumaran as Santhosh Pandit, who is coming to attend his next programme.

 Trollers to Santhosh (Mammootty in pic): After a lot of hatred, now we like you Santhoshji.

Two types of mimicry artistes. 1. The ones who survive with their talent. 2. People who find pleasure by teasing others.

How many of you know that he was initially considered as the lead actor in Pulimurugan instead of Mohanlal. He couldn't commit the project as he was suffering from cold.