Does alien life really exist? Numerous instances of UFO sightings have taken place on Earth so far, but this flying material on Mars is something really unexpected and brow-rising!

Various rocks and mysterious objects have been observed before on other planets and celestial bodies but the following image has been broadcast by the which named this object as an 'anti-gravity wheel'.

This mysterious object has been sighted on Mars lately, as per a

"I found some fun anomalies in this photo and one of the most interesting ones is a silver wheel that is levitating above the ground. You can easily see the dark shadow below it which is proof it is flying," stated the author of the report Scott C Waring.

This report also claimed that NASA publishes all the photos in false color with the aim of hiding the real color matters discovered.

"I also found a few faces, but most look non-human, but friendly enough. I was a bit surprised to find an amulet on the ground and a chain coming from it. In the emulate is a 2-3 inch jewel," Waring added

Various other recent UFO sightings have taken place lately on Earth as well as moon. A UFO was observed passing by North Carolina's Ayden District Park earlier on an October afternoon by a retired US Air Force veteran who captured the video using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K aerial camera. Some media reports stated that this UFO had almost crashed into the aerial camera.

The shot captured by him was handed over to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for surveillance which shared it with NASA later.

These two agencies dug out the following details about the UFO spotted: 6,200 feet (about 1.2 miles) in 1/3rd of a second, which is approximately about 10,000 mph as per an IBTimes report.

Another news that lately aroused curiosity and stunned everyone stated that a fleet of UFOs were seen taking off from the moon's surface. A video has been shot regarding the same as per this IBTimes report.