Mika Singh has always remained ladies' favourite. From his soulful voice to larger-than-life persona, Mika has had quite a colourful life. So it didn't come as a surprise when rumours of something brewing between Mika Singh and Vighnaharta Ganesha actress Akanksha Puri made headlines. However, when the two shared pictures which looked like an intimate ceremony, tongues started wagging.

Mika Singh - Akanksha Singh
Mika Singh - Akanksha SinghInstagram

What exactly happened?

Akanksha Puri had shared a video with her followers where she was seen attending a pooja of sorts with Mika Singh. People were quick to assume that the two were secretly getting engaged. And what added more fuel to the fire was Akanksha's captions.

She wrote while sharing the video and pics, "Seeking blessings @mikasingh #yearsoftogetherness #feelingblessed #beautiful #beauty #vibes #fun #happy #togetherforlife #bond #life #friends #instagood #instadaily #instagram #picoftheday #photooftheday #smile #ootd #beingme #akankshapuri"

However, Akanksha has now cleared the air and said that they are not married. She said that they have been good friends for over 12 years now and share a great bond. Puri further said that they both laughed when people started commenting on whether they had gotten married. But, once her fans started sending her gifts and cakes; she decided to clear it out.

Clearing the air

"So this was a paath (pooja) that he (Mika Singh) kept at his residence, it's done for positivity and good luck for future. I just went there to seek blessings but looks like people are assuming something else!! And coincidentally this was on April fool's day, so people thought it's some prank, but these are genuine pictures and videos from his house !! Mika and I know each other for more than 12 years now, he is more like a family, he has always been there for me and we share a very strong bond !! But definitely, we are not engaged, nor we have any such plans!!," Akanksha told ETimes.