Rohtak gang rape
The accused -identified as Sandeep Hooda and Pramod of Rohtak, and Jagmohan, Sandeep Kumar and Amit were released after an SIT probe found them to be innocent. [Representational Image] In Picture: Haryana Police presents the eight people who have been arrested over the barbaric rape and murder of a 28-year-old mentally-challenged woman at district court in Rohtak on Feb 10, 2015.IANS

A 20-year-old Dalit woman from Haryana's Rohtak has allegedly been gangraped by the same five men who raped her three years back. Infuriatingly, the men are said to be currently out on bail, granted to them in the initial gangrape case three years ago.

The woman was reportedly first raped by the men when she was 17 and lived with her family in Bhiwani in the state. Her family later moved to Rohtak after the incident, as they were being intimidated by the five men and their families. "We used to live in Bhiwani before. After the incident we fled to Rohtak to save ourselves from these men. I wanted to educate my children," her mother told NDTV.

The five accused -- all from upper caste and in their 20s -- apparently wanted the girl and her family to reach an out-of-court settlement in the original case, and had even offered as much as Rs. 50 lakh to that end. However, when the brave-heart and her kin rebuffed any such mediation, the men allegedly raped her again.

The fresh incident took place on Wednesday, July 13. "I came out of college and there were those very five men in the car. Three were inside and two of them were outside," the woman told NDTV.
They forced her to enter the car, administered a drug that knocked her unconscious, and then raped her in that condition, she said, adding that they then threw her in the bushes in the Sukhpura Chowk area.

The police say after she was found in the bushes, she was sent to a government hospital for treatment and a fresh complaint was registered in this regard. Police teams have now been dispatched to look for the accused.

Rohtak Superintendent of Police Rakesh Arya said the police were quetioning two of the accused, and that action would be taken on the basis of the facts that come out.

Meanwhile, the woman's kin are demanding the strictest punishment for the accused. "The accused tried to offer us money, but we want justice. We want them to be sentenced to death," her brother said.