The relationship humans have shared with technology has always been a noticeable function since the dawn of the human era. As new tools, or in this era when apps develop, the manner in which people deal with each other, as well as the technology, is an interesting relationship that man has developed with tools. You can always remember the face of a dead man when you revisit the photographs where he had clicked of himself. Iron Man being Iron Man, left his own presence in the form of a hologram for his daughter, and EIDITH (Even In Death I'm The Hero) for Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. 

Tony Stark /Iron Man

Comic book characters are the context in which we study....rather than learn about humanity's relationship with technology. Be it Batman's powerful parents getting defeated by a goon with a gun, or Bruce Banner going all Hulk for his monstrous powers from radiation. Iron Man significantly studies and adapts technology and practically makes all the suits his second self. 

Robert Downey Jr had been quite serious about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from the time when Avengers had not assembled. Most of us started gaining more interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Avengers became a huge hit, but we were aware that none of the film's context would register properly in our minds without watching Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Hulk, first. It's as if he secretly knew that in the far future, Avengers would be the franchise that would bring money from all corners of the world and so it did.

In 2019, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Junior, Chris Hemsworth had been listed as the highest-paid actors by Forbes. In the actress section, Scarlett Johansson too made her name in the top 10 list of highest-paid actresses. 

The Iron Man saves them all

Iron Man is not just an answer to the DC Comics franchise's Batman: Rich brat, loses his parents at a young age, gets all the wealth in the family, doesn't have superpowers so builds armour to save the city. Iron Man is more about Tony Stark's vision to see beyond what's presented to him, to think of a world where technologies can fight war hence man doesn't need to die. That doesn't mean that Tony Stark encourages war. 

Tony Stark/ Iron Man

In Captain America Civil War, when Thaddeus Ross, the US Secretary of State informed the Avengers that the United Nations had prepared to pass the Sokovia Accords that would establish a panel in the UN that will oversee and control the Avengers, Tony Stark had supported the idea because of his role in creating Ultron. It was Steve Rogers who had more faith in his own judgment than the politicians. 

Tony Stark wanted to be ready if and when a war happens and since it had been the Marvel world, he wanted to be prepared for exterior threats that might attack Earth later. In films such as Spider Man: Homecoming, Wandavision, Captain America: Civil War, the writers of the films, and television series have presented the point of view of the victims who suffer from collateral damages for the weapons which are unleashed by the Stark industries. But had it not been for the inventions of Tony Stark, he wouldn't have been able to bring back the people who lost their lives due to Thanos's snap. The time travel in Avengers: Endgame successfully took place after the arrival of Tony Stark.