Harry Styles is a 90s kid, who is famous for the most unproblematic reasons. Some may or may not have loved his association with One Direction but Harry clearly knows that being a celebrity does not make him go above laws. Although he had been a popular face for quite some time, it was in 2021 when he made his debut as an actor in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. Nolan, who is usually a traditional, dedicated filmmaker, had earlier revealed in a separate interview that he had no idea that Styles had been a famous person before appearing in his film. That wasn't the only time. As the singer/songwriter turns a year older today, here are the most needful details you need to hear about him. 

Harry Styles

Consent. Consent. And Consent. 

During the shoot of his music video, Watermelon Sugar the director had asked him to touch the model Ephrana's hair. He only did that after taking her consent. The model later shared this during a live session. 

When he contributed his voice for stress relief

When he had no qualms about wearing a pink ballet suit, even before a famous television interview. 

When he had no qualms about his costume at the Met Gala. 

When he parted ways with fame and chose to look out for a stranger's dog. 

He even wrote an entire song about the necessities of being kind. 

Happy Birthday, Harry! Please stay this way!