Kristen Stewart will make your head turns with her powerful performance in the upcoming romantic comedy movie, Happiest Season. The first trailer of the queer comedy surfaced earlier today, and it shows Stewart trying to find a place for herself in a family who is unaware of their daughter's sexuality.

Kristen Stewart in Happiest Season
Kristen Stewart in gay comedy movie, Happiest SeasonHappiest Season (@happiestseason/Instagram)

Happiest Season movie follows Abby's life (Kristen Stewart), who plans to propose to her long-time girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davis) at Harper's family holiday party. Abby has been playing this proposal for a while now, but Harper shocks her when they reach her family house by saying that she has not yet come out in front of her ultra-conservative family.

Happiest Season trailer:

The trailer begins by showing Abby and Harper enjoying their morning coffee at their skyline apartment. Abby tells her partner that she is very excited to be with her and her family around the time of Christmas. She then leans over and plants a morning kiss on her. We then see how Abby buys an engagement ring for Harper and drow all the way to Harper's family house.

Harper has told everyone in her family that her friend, Abby, is an orphan woman who would be spending the holiday season with her. What then happens is a fun ride where these two are trying to hide their relationship from Harper's family and, at the same time, Abby's efforts to understand why Harper has not yet told her family members about her sexuality.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen StewartReuters

"I am scared that if I tell them who I really am, I will lose them," Harper says in the trailer. "I am not hiding you, I am hiding me."

"Everybody's story is different. Just because Harper isn't ready, doesn't mean she doesn't love you," Dan Levy's character John later says when he comes to rescue his friend Abby.

Check out Happiest Season's first trailer:

Happiest Season is penned by Clea DuVall and Mary Holland, and from the first look, Kristen Stewart's gay comedy movie seems like a good holiday movie. Happiest Season movie also stars Mary Steenburgen, Victor Garber, Alison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, and Holland in important roles.

Kristen Stewart's Happiest Season movie debuts December 25 on Hulu. As of now, it is not revealed when the LGBTQ comedy movie will stream for the Indian audience. Check out this space for the Happiest Season movie review.