Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has struggled a lot to reach the position where he stands today and his son got his foot on the door because of him. He said that this nepotism debate must be broadened for him.

The debate on nepotism has been going on for several years and the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput has intensified this debate along with a new one – outside insider. Social media is targeting and bullying some celebs for the same reason. But Hansal Mehta, who has made it big in Bollywood without any godfather, feels that the debate on nepotism should be broadened as he wants his son to have a career.

Hansal mehta

Hansal Mehta on his son's career

Hansal Mehta took to talk about his growth and his son's career. The filmmaker tweeted, "This nepotism debate must be broadened. Merit counts most. My son got a step in the door because of me. And why not. But he's been an integral part of my best work because he is talented, disciplined, hardworking and shares similar values as me. Not just because he's my son."

Hansal Mehta said that one should stay from creating a false impression about oneself in the media. He wrote, "Unfortunately, we often mistake PR, imaging, paid media and gossip as essential tools for survival here. Media uses our insecurities and aspirations to its benefit. We need to change that by being that change. Media will thrive on what you give them. Give them your talent."

The filmmaker feels that one should make talent and hard work as tools for success. He added, "Not gossip. Not airport looks. Not gym looks. Moment you use your talent and hard work as your only tools a lot of the filth that you create and later suffer from will go. Aspiration is a disease as much as it is a boon. Stop it from making you sick. Use it to grow as an artist."

Hansal Mehta kissing wife Safeena Husain
Hansal Mehta kisses wife Safeena HusainInstagram

Some fans replied to him saying that talent debate can be started only after the talent gets equal chances. Sanjeev Sharma tweeted, "Talent debate can be started only after the talent gets equal fair opportunities and that's the first step. If you yourself got full budgets and full freedom to make your first movie, wouldn't life had been a lot different. Pls note I am a fan of your work and your views."

Hansal Mehta said that the privilege of inheriting must be earned and retained. The filmmaker tweeted, "Point is that I started without that advantage. And it's nobody's fault that my son gets a foot in the door. Privilege that is inherited has to be earned to be retained. Privilege that is earned has to be sustained and retained."