Not much time left before the next Halo title comes around, called Halo 5: Guardians! While the multiplayer for the game will indeed interest players, we are more concerned about the game's campaign mode for the time being. And here's a closer look at the campaign mode for Halo 5.

In the game's campaign mode, it isn't about the player taking control of the Master Chief and shooting enemies. Halo 5 is more about the social experience and so, if you're playing alone, you'll have teammates to assist you.

As many as four players will take part in the campaign. You can still play by yourself, but you'll have three computer-controlled allies fighting alongside you. The difficulty of the Campaign mode will automatically scale as players drop in and out. The more human players there are, the more difficult the enemy AI will be.

Halo 5 works almost like how Gears of War's campaign mode played out. In Halo 5, players are allowed to split up and flank the enemy and take higher ground. So basically, players can treat it as a multiplayer and can jump in and out of it anytime they want.

As far as the story is concerned, for starters, Cortana is gone, although Master Chief is still there. The story picks up eight months after the events of Halo 4. He's now joined with the last of the officially active Spartan-II units (Blue Team), but something goes wrong and Master Chief goes AWOL.

Apart from that, there is the Spartan Locke and his team (Osiris). Locke and his team are the people that the player will call in when the Master Chief is unaccounted for. As you play through the Campaign you'll switch between the Master Chief's and Locke's teams.

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[Source: Prima Games]