Massive rains, accompanied by hailstorm wreaked havoc on the residents of Chhattisgarh's Pendra-Marwahi district last week. Tennis ball-sized hailstones landed everywhere, resulting in loss of property and damage to the crops. Videos and photos of big hailstones made the rounds on social media. People shared pictures of cars and sheds damaged in the hailstorm.

Chhattisgarh hailstorm
Several houses have been destroyed by the hailstorm in Chhattisgarh's Pendra-Marwahi district.Twitter

Even though the rain brought relief to the people, many people living in mud houses and huts had to face difficulties due to the hailstorm. A white layer of hailstones started appearing everywhere. Pictures shared on Twitter showed a car was badly damaged and a shed destroyed by the hailstones.

"A hailstorm in #Chhattisgarh - just look at the size of the hailstones and the damage it has caused! This was a couple of days in the Pendra area of the state!" a Twitter user Ananth Rupanagudi wrote on Twitter along with pictures of the hailstones and the damage caused by them.

According to reports, people of Dhanpur, Darri, Menduka, and Barsavan villages of Pendra-Marwahi district had to take refuge in government school buildings since the roof of their houses had been destroyed by the hailstones. These people will now need repair work and only they would be able to return.

Apart from the houses, crops of farmers have also been destroyed by the hailstorm in Pendra. Locals said that hailstones as big as a tennis ball kept falling from the sky for about five minutes. Several people have reportedly sustained injuries after being hit by the stones. The government has not yet assessed the losses due to the storm.