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On June 26, a gym trainer was arrested for allegedly stabbing a bank manager in Model Town situated in North-west Delhi.

This case, which was initially reported as an attempt to robbery, on further investigation unveiled that the gym trainer had reportedly attacked the bank manager as the latter was trying to sexually assault him while visiting the apartment.

Earlier, the bank manager had walked into the police station with blood stained clothes and stab marks. He stated in his complaint that he was stabbed by a man when he tried stopping a burglary attempt. The banker was later taken to a hospital for treatment.

In the due course of the investigation, when a team led by ACP Hukma Ram Jat went through the call records of the 30-year-old bank manager, they found that the two had stayed in touch and had even contacted one another on the day of the incident.

This raised suspicion and the cops checked the Facebook account of the complainant which revealed that the manager used to regularly talk to the gym trainer.

The police said that they contacted a common friend of both the victim and the accused. That common friend took the policemen to the gym trainer in Shahdara and he was arrested.

The gym trainer explained to the police that he had met the bank manager on Facebook and soon they started contacting each another on chats.

One day the bank manager called the gym instructor to his place when his parents were not home and tried to sexually assault him.

When the gym instructor resisted, the bank manager took out a knife and tried to stab him. To defend himself, the gym trainer, in turn, grabbed the knife and stabbed the bank manager many times.

The bank manager locked the gym trainer in the house and ran down and gathered neighbours outside the apartment and drafted a story of robbery.

Seeing this, the gym trainer escaped from the house by climbing down the drain pipe. DCP Milind Dumbere said that they there were in discussions on taking legal action against the bank manager.