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Some men suffer from a rare flu-like sickness called Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS) which affects men after they have an orgasm.

This mysterious sickness is flu-like and it was first reported in 2002 after which around 50 more cases have been recorded in which men go through a number of flu-like and allergic symptoms after ejaculating.

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Men who ejaculate after having an intercourse or by masturbating and even by wet dreams can get affected by POIS.

The symptoms can include: extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, feverishness and sweating, mood disturbances and irritability, plus memory difficulties, concentration lapses, and incoherent speech, a report by Science Alert quoted.

The symptoms can come over a span of seconds, minutes or even hours after ejaculation. The National Institutes of Health Office of Rare Disease Research has identified this sickness as rare.

Researchers from Tulane University came up with a new review about POIS, which reveals that this chronic sickness can make these symptoms prevail for up to a week post ejaculation.

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Though these side-effects of POIS are severe, not much is known about the condition. The cause behind not knowing much about this sickness is that very less number of studies have been carried out which analysed this condition.

More men are believed to come up and get treated if the condition becomes more known. This will help us in knowing more about the cause of this rare condition.

According to the team of researchers from the Tulane University, a leading theory regarding what causes the severe symptoms men experience because of this rare sickness was proposed by Dutch scientists, who described this ailment in 2002.

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"They postulated that POIS is an autoimmune or allergic disorder that generates an inflammatory reaction to a substance in the man's seminal fluid," the researchers stated in their paper, as quoted by Science Alert.

It's believed that the male's semen or something that it contains triggers a kind of allergic reaction when it comes into contact with the skin or other body parts.

"Subsequent experiments using skin prick testing seemed to back this hypothesis up, with 29 of 33 POIS patients experiencing a skin reaction after being jabbed with their own harvested semen on their forearm – while placebos showed no such reaction," Science Alert quoted.

This enquiry could aid in coming up with a possible treatment for this condition.

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A study in which two POIS patients were given repeated injections of harvested semen with more concentrations over time showed that their symptoms had reduced after undergoing the treatment for 15 and 31 months.

Women too have the chances of getting affected by POIS because of the presence of antigen in the semen. One such case has been reported in which a woman faced POIS symptoms.

"Many of those affected end up avoiding sexual activity for fear of the symptoms it could provoke – a devastating choice that would take an inevitable toll on lives, happiness, and prospects for relationships," Science Alert report revealed.