Bhuvneshwar Kumar India Pakistan
With Gurdaspur terror attack one has to wait longer for the resumption of India Pakistan cricket ties. Reuters

India vs Pakistan series has always been widely anticipated, but the recent Gurdaspur terror attack has hampered the chances of resumption of cricket ties between the two nations, which was expected to take shape this December.

BCCI are clear that until the cross-border terrorism stops, the two nations cannot be seen in a bilateral series. Former India captain Sourav Ganguly also echoes on the same lines, stating that BCCI are right in their approach.

"I think BCCI is correct in saying that terror will have to completely go before play could happen. Because as human beings we also want terror to completely go," PTI quoted Sourav Ganguly as saying.

The India-Pakistan series is one of the most high-profile series in world cricket, which garners eyeballs not only from the two nations, but around the world.

Ganguly also shed light on the fact that the series will always be entertaining, but one needs to realise what people at the border go through during a terror attack. The Gurdaspur attack on Monday led to the death of 10 people, including seven militants in a gruelling 12-hour long battle.

"So this has always been the case with an India-Pakistan series. As much as we understand that it is entertaining and it is an high-profile series, we cannot take away the sufferings which the people go through at the border especially after what happened in Gurdaspur," said Ganguly.

"This has been going on for while. When we went to Pakistan in 2004, I was fortunate enough to be the captain of the side and we won the Test and the ODI series, for the first time in Pakistan. That series happened after 15 years."

The India-Pakistan series has been a talking point since May, but the two respective cricket boards -- BCCI and PCB -- have not been able to confirm the schedule.