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Rajesh, 44, hailing from Kolkata, India, suffered from spondylitis for 11 years. [Representative image]Pixabay

A 44-year-old man had been suffering from severe backache -- ankylosing spondylitis -- for the past 11 years. Despite visiting many doctors and taking medications, he failed to get any relief until he found about cellular therapy.

Rajesh, who hails from Kolkata in West Bengal, had been experiencing stiffness in his back since 2005. The pain grew immense with time which impacted his ability to carry out his daily chores. He consulted many doctors and was diagnosed as a patient of ankylosing spondylitis (AS). All the medicines he took didn't curb this issue.

After a long period of 11 years, Rajesh's family took the decision to opt for a cell based therapy. It turned out to be a turning point as he can now move his neck and back normally just after going through two sessions.

"The characteristic feature of ankylosing spondylitis is acute and chronic spinal inflammation that usually initiates in the sacroiliac joints. The condition mainly affects the site of attachment of ligaments and tendons to the bone. The resultant inflammation, bone erosion and spur formation may lead to diminished physical function and restricted spinal motion," explains Dr Pradeep Mahajan, a regenerative medicine researcher with Navi Mumbai's StemRx BioScience Solutions.

"Rajesh could not turn or look over his shoulder. Gradually, his gait also changed, he used to hunch a little and would find it difficult to bend downwards," he added.

Ankylosing spondylitis refers to a chronic auto immune inflammatory ailment, which is a disabling form of seronegative spondyloarthritis. A person becomes prone to this disease due to various factors like genetic susceptibility, environmental triggers and infection.

The usual treatment for AS comprises of usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) as well as intra-articular corticosteroids. NSAIDs are found to be effective only in enhancing the symptoms of spinal inflammation and the impact of this treatment on the radiologic outcome or function over long term has not been proved yet.

"In the last one month, I underwent two sessions of cellular therapy. I have also been advised physiotherapy exercises and yoga to strengthen neck, shoulder and back muscles. The discomfort during the morning hours has reduced considerably. I am also able to maintain an erect posture and walk comfortably. After being in pain and discomfort for a decade, these results are the highlights of cellular therapy that I underwent at StemRx," Rajesh said.