Rockstar, the creator of the popular GTA 5 Online, recently announced a new expansion -- the Executives and Other Criminals DLC -- which will see players take on the role of a criminal boss with a luxurious lifestyle, apartments, bodyguards and a Super Yacht.

All this certainly makes the new update super-exciting for the players who have been asking Rockstar for some new content after Halloween DLC.

Though the company has promised more information before the release of the update on 15 December, YouTube user MrBossFTW and GTA tipster has shared a video that dwells on the possible "secret and hidden features" in the new update as he analyses the new trailer for the upcoming DLC.

Rockstar announced that the players will now be able to buy mansions in Vinewood Hills, something they always have been asking Rockstar about. Now, we know two of the locations of these mansions -- 2044 North Corker Avenue and 3655 Wild Oats drive. Rumour has it that there are a total of eight such mansions in the update.

The screenshots of the Super Yacht that will be part of the DLC revealed hidden features of this new vessel. MrBossFTW revealed that on a closer inspection we can see two helipads on the Yacht, one in front and another in the back.

Apart from the two helipads, we can also see the SAM (Surface to Air Missiles) systems that will be part of the vessel. The SAM system can be seen on the top tower of the vessel. These weapons systems will be fully weaponised, Rockstar has promised.

Another screenshot revealed a NPC Captain of the yacht navigating the vessel. Here, we see a map that discloses the possible location of the yacht.

It is being speculated by GTA community members if Rockstar will allow players to drive the yacht. Though yacht-free roam navigation might be farfetched, the players might be able to give directions to the NPC Captain to go to a certain place in the map.

Another image that says 'Defend your organisation' shows two yachts in the frame. It could reveal the possibility of having multiple yachts at the same time in Freemode. The YouTube user predicts that there could be 10-15 set locations and once these locations are filled, the players will not be able to spawn more yachts.

Another image that reads "And take down rivals across Freemode" has some in-game characters sporting weapons and Rockstar itself has promised new weapons with this DLC. But according to another famous GTA tipster Funmw2, this DLC will see new weapons like Switchblade and a Revolver. But, the image also reveals some of the new clothes in the DLC update like a Kevlar armoured vest.

The trailer also revealed some two cars and customisations, like the Shelby AC Cobra, a sports classic and Bravado sports car. We see exhaust customisation options being made on Shelby AC Cobra and the Bravado sports a rare spoiler.

Another image showcases the new armoured Shafter Limousine, where a closer inspection reveals the plated armour chunks on the door and armoured windows. 

Apart from this, we have also been shown Apartment customisations in the trailer, where we see in an image that reads, 'opulent apartments', and candles are seen placed on the tables and the red lights on the dining table.