GTA 5 Online has received a new Every Bullet Counts Adversary Mode from its developer Rockstar as it announced on Newswire ahead of the Holiday season. The mode is currently live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA 5 Online.

The post starts with the line, "Two bullets. One life. No mercy," and goes on to explain it as an "intense Last Man Standing variant with a unique twist to keep you on your toes and constantly on your guard."

The players have been waiting for some new content from the developers that will provide them with fodder to play during the Holidays.

This mode will see four players fight against each other in "confined space" and with limited arsenal at their disposal. Players will only have one Marksman Pistol and two bullets in which they have to terminate three opponents. So it comes without a saying that one cannot be trigger happy in this mode.

So what to do after the ammo gets over? Players should take up the melee attack route with either Hatchet or Machete if they have to stay alive in the mode.

This mode will demand players to exhibit their marksmanship, stealth and timing skills. Players will not be able to stay at one place for more than five seconds since the location that you are hiding in will be known to your rivals with a blip on the map. So it is better to move from cover to cover.

Rockstar also revealed that this mode will feature some new locations in the game, namely, Michael's Rockford Hills mansion and the Tequi-la-la nightclub.

Players can easily jump right into the game as Rockstar has set up Featured Playlist where it has been arranged to play all the four new maps in succession during the GTA 5 Lunch screen appearing during the game's boot up. Click the prompt and head directly to this new mode.

Last month, Rockstar had revealed a new Running Back Adversary Mode. There have been reports that have suggested Rockstar might drop some new content as a Christmas DLC.