GTA 5 Online Gunrunning DLC
GTA Online Gunrunning DLC: Weaponised War Tampa, massive mobile operation centre and other secrets revealedRockstar Games

Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has shed more light on the secret and hidden features of Gunrunning DLC for GTA 5, in his latest gameplay videos for GTA Online. The YouTuber talks about the menacing armoured Tampa and the massive mobile-operation centre while discussing the highly-anticipated features of the Gunrunning update.

Rockstar Games has posted a couple of intriguing gameplay screenshots pertaining to the weaponised War Tampa on its official portal, just a week ago. It is not yet known if the War Tampa would be a brand new vehicle that could be purchased via Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online or a Benny's customisable vehicle like the Comet or Elegy sports car. For instance, one can buy the Ruiner 2000 (from Imports and Exports DLC) directly from the website and there is no need to install custom upgrades from Benny's Motors, before using it.

GTA 5 Online Gunrunning DLC
APC with rocket/ missile launcher upgradeRockstar Games

Consequently, Rockstar has two ways of implementing the weaponised War Tampa in the upcoming DLC. The first option involves purchasing the regular Tampa from any of the online autoshops in GTA 5 and then customising the same through a weaponised vehicle shop in one of your bunkers.

Coming to the second option, you would get the privilege of purchasing a ready-to-use war machine with custom upgrades pre-installed on the weaponised Tampa.

In its recent Newswire post, Rockstar has vaguely mentioned that the Tampa would get a weaponised upgrade without clearly specifying if it would be an upgradeable part or a brand-new vehicle with fully-loaded weapons onboard.

GTA 5 Online Gunrunning DLC
The Tampa gets a weaponized upgradeRockstar Games

For starters, the official screenshots showcasing the Tampa suggest that the new car will indeed be available in three different liveries, including woodland or chocolate brown, army camo, and red/black digital camo. It is still unclear if these are readily available liveries that can be purchased with the car or if one needs to install it as a customisable upgrade.

The War Tampa is expected to include three different hood options: stock hood, raised hood option, and power-stream hood with light option. Additionally, it is likely to feature two custom-grille options on the front bumper.

Another closer look at Tampa's back side reveals a rear-mounted missile launcher. Also, one cannot miss the armoured reinforcements on the front, back and sides of the car. Besides, one can also install the custom wheels and tyres such as the All-Terrain Radial from Atomic.

One can clearly notice in the close-up screenshots that the armour plating on the Tampa's passenger side is massively inferior to the ones provided on the driver-side window. Besides, we could also see a bunch of new window tint options as depicted in the screenshot for the rear windows.

As Ross explains, weapon upgrades and customisations are also on cards as you can see one minigun on the red model while the green model poses with two miniguns in the screenshot.

Trevor's airfield, Sandy Shores Airbase, and Route 68 could be few of the mission locations in the Gunrunning update as suggested in the official gameplay screenshots.

It appears like Rockstar must have been inspired by the gun-wielding Mustang GTs from the movie 'Death Race' and hence we find similarly weaponised cars in the Gunrunning update.

In related news, Ross also talks about the massive Mobile Operation Centers (MOC) with fully loaded weapon upgrades and deep customisation capabilities as announced by Rockstar in its recent post on Newswire. The MOCs could indeed draw inspiration from the huge trailer-rigs used in the popular movie 'Fast and Furious 7' along the lines of the Brickade.

Popular tipster Yan2295 has recently confirmed in his recent post on GTA Forums that "the Mobile Operations Center is a huge trailer hauled by a truck." So, that should put to rest all speculation and debate concerning the MOC feature to rest.

As Ross admits, Rockstar could indeed be developing a new custom heist mission for GTA Online wherein players are required to extract rare supercars with the aid of Mobile Operations Center. The cargo is then transported at the back of the huge trailer to the designated place, evading the hot pursuit from cops.

Meanwhile, the GTA community is split with divided opinions about the MOC wherein some are suggesting it would be a mobile office that could be attached to the trailer while others are suggesting it would just be a regular office building.

Regardless of whether the MOC would be stationary or mobile, it is imperative that we get some defensive weaponry like anti-air missiles and radar system like we have with the Yachts in GTA Online.

Do let us know your views about the Mobile Operation Center and its most-desirable features, in the comments section (below).