The Last of Us mod for GTA 5
GTA 5: The Last of Us mod showcased in full detail with stunning graphics, full mission map and character gameplay

The Last of Us fans are in for some exciting news as third-party app developers have recently uploaded a couple of mods based on the game for GTA 5. One of the mods features a new standalone map that will bring The Last of Us experience to GTA 5 while the second adds an in-game playable character called "Ellie", along with the necessary texture details and other gameplay elements into the mix.

The best part of the Map mod is that it can be combined with the Ellie character mod to build or create a mission, which mirrors one of the missions from the original game. However, it is not yet known if the mod is fully functional, except for the game world and interactive elements which look simply stunning.

The mod also presents several handy options like the ability to turn on EMP mode or Simple Blackout mode for night-missions. Additionally, the mod features Fireworks mode and Massacre mode for the Zombie game addicts.

As of now, the mod seems fully-functional in the free-roam mode while the action set pieces still seem half-baked and partially functional, as the NPCs seem to ignore the player unless they are provoked or attacked.

On the brighter side, the game texture and graphic details looks top notch with barely any lag in the frame rates as you can sail through all action sequences with ease.

The in-game mission objective asks you to "Kill everyone" without actually differentiating between your foes and friends. However, the addition of some zombie-apocalypse action into the mix could have made a big difference to this awesome mod for GTA 5.

Nevertheless, it seems like a dream come true for those who yearned for the opportunity to play The Last of Us on the PC as this game has been traditionally limited to consoles.

Interested users may go ahead and grab the latest mods for The Last of Us using the following links:

The Last of Us - Mission Builder mod

The Last of Us - Ellie Character mod

If you are still not convinced, check out YouTuber DatSaintsfan's stunning gameplay video detailing The Last of Us mod for GTA 5 (below):