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GTA 5 Online's 1.16 Update brings San Andreas Flight School

Ever since Rockstar released its 1.16 update for GTA 5 Online, that brought the Flight School DLC in the spotlight, many YouTube users have been posting tips and tricks that will lead players to new missiles, helo abilities and can score them tack icons.

We will also look at the possibility of scoring gold medals at the Flight School for all the training lessons.

Secret Tips and Tricks

YouTuber NoahJ456 has added a new video revealing some of the secret tips and tricks in GTA 5 Online's 1.16 update.

1. Deployable Landing Gear - Players will be able to access the deployable landing gear for Swift Helo - the luxury Helo. Normally landing gears are only for jets. However, in the new Flight School, DLC players will be able to deploy or redeploy the landing gear by pressing in on the left thumbstick. This will be helpful for players as it can make the helo move faster and tip down, especially when they are escaping from someone or chasing after someone.

2. Homing Off Missile Attack - After the update, the buzzer attack mode was also changed. Now players have the machine guns and the homing missile option, but many did not know there was a homing off missile attack mode. Lock on to the targets > Shoot some missiles > Turn off the homing mode.

This will allow players to avoid the cops, and all they have to do is only shoot the missiles forward.

3. Snapmatic Camera - Players can pull up a snapmatic camera by pressing up on the D-pad twice. This is a new feature introduced in the game, that will not only save players' time, but is also very easy to do.

4. Secret Reward for Completing all 10 missions Without Medals - Players who complete all the 10 missions in the new San Andreas Flight School DLC will be able to access Elitas t-shirt in the game. And this too without getting any of the three medals. Players who have completed all the 10 missions can go to any clothing store and the t-shirt will be unlocked under special category.

5. Car Error Message for Wanted Level can be Removed - Previously, players were facing an error message if they had a person of wanted level, but now it can be removed. Players will have to call in Lester and ask him to remove the Wanted Level this will have the cops off a player's back.

6. Tank Icon - The tank icon will now show up on the map only if there is a person inside it. This feature will be helpful to know the location of the person who could be dangerous and to escape him or her.

7. One View Timer - Players will be able to set one view timer for up to 60 minutes.

(YouTube Courtesy: NoahJ456)

Get Gold Medal in Flight School - A Full Guide

YouTuber FantasticalGamer, has posted a video underling how to get all the Gold medals in Flight School after the 1.16 update for GTA 5 Online.

Getting the Gold medal in training lessons will allow players to get more money and improve their rank in the leaderboard.

1. Outside Loop - For a gold in the Outside Loop, after getting used to the controls, and when you near the first check point, players will have to dive down, push up on the left stick and ease off right trigger to go round quicker and tap the air break couple of times.

When going round the bridge, come as close to the bottom of the bridge as possible and when you hit the check point, players will have to dive down push up on left stick and ease off right trigger, tap in left trigger, then air break little and keep going when you are done that.

Players who have logged within 58 seconds will get a Gold Medal in this training.

2. Engine Failure - When the engine stops just head straight to the runway, see that you do not dive at this juncture. Maintain a 40 degree angle and land the jet from the start of the runway. Land the jet before the finish line and end at the finish line. Players wanting to move closer will have to pull up a little bit and in order to slow down they have to push open the left stick and you can slow down.

Players landing in 10 meters will bag gold.

3. Chase Parachute - When players jump out of the plane they should not dive straight down. They need to push a bit forward to slow down and see that during the landing it is always on the outer rings and you walk up to the middle. This will gain more points.

Players will less than two meters will bag gold.

4. City Landing - This training lesson is similar to the Engine Failure lesson, where players will be flying in stormy conditions. Players will have to see that they don't make the landing on the finish line. Players can slow down the plane after passing the first of the two life guard towers and end right on the finishing line.

In order to get gold in this, players will have to be within 10 meters of the landing zone.

5. Moving Landing - This required pilots to land the chopper on a moving flatbed trailer. Players will have to lean forward and push forward and when you come close to the trailer start to descend. As the pilot approaches the trailer, they have to pull it back a little bit, hold left trigger and land as quick as you can.

Players have to land within 18 seconds to bag gold.

6. Formation Flight - In this lesson, players have to try to pull up straight away and avoid being on the runway for long. After pulling up they have to head to the check point, and see that you are inside the green circle. Trainee pilots do not have to slow down, they just have to keep the right trigger and the wingman will go at the speed that you are going. See that you do not slow down as it will make you fall back.

After this, head for the next checkpoint, which will be for vertical flight. So players must see that they are inside the green circle as much as possible.

Next will require players to dive down to the right and get into the checkpoint and the green circle and keep going straight over the highway, and perform the loop (players must not worry about the green circle when performing the loop). And in the next loop they have to stay inverted and keep your eye on the green marker and it must go fine.

7. Shooting Range - On the shooting range, it is better for players to use the mini gun instead of rockets because rockets are very slow and not that accurate. The best way to control your chopper is to open down using the right trigger and left trigger and see that you do not lean forward or lean backwards too much. See that you are not too close to the construction site.

Minimum for this round is 25.

8. Ground Level - Here players have to keep as low as possible and hit all the check points.

9. Collect Flags - Players should not go up and down the building too much. But have to keep rolling a lot and have a pattern so that they do not miss any flags.

10. Follow Leader - In this training lesson, players will have to follow the instructor and do as he tells

(YouTube Courtesy: FantasticalGamer)