GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

Leaked information has given rise to rumours surrounding the upcoming-but-unconfirmed 1.16 update for GTA 5 Online. Rumours suggest that 1.16 update will introduce San Andreas Flight School DLC.

The leak has also revealed the types of jets, its prices and missions. The San Andreas Flight School DLC is rumoured to be getting flight suits, four vehicles, including military jets and high end car, 10 solo missions, reserve parachutes and parachute bags.

YouTuber Chr0m3xMoDz, posted a video showing the leaked source code that clearly mentions Hydra Jet, Western Besra, Bukingham Mil Jet and Inverto Corquettte. It also reveals that Western Besra and Bukingham Mil Jet will be spawning in Trevors Airfield.

YouTuber also gives out the costs of all the vehicles - Hydra Jet will cost $1.7 million of GTA money. Western Besra will be costing $1,985,000 of GTA money. Bukingham Mil Jet, a 16-seater military jet will be costing players $1,250,000 of their GTA money. Inverto Corquettte might come out with a hard roof or a roofless roadster car that will be costing players $665,000.

It also mentions the colours of Buckingham Mil Jet. Worn white and worn black are on the priority list and it could also come in metallic stone silver.

The files dealing with the help text has codes that check if players are seated in the driver's seat. This has raised speculations that the Hydra could be a two-seater jet. It is likely that Hydra will have a hover mode or a vertical flight mode.

Chr0m3xMoDz is one of the most reliable sources among the GTA YouTubers.

(YouTube Courtesy: Chr0m3xMoDz)

YouTuber DomisLive, posted a video on the upcoming 1.16 update's Flight School DLC and said that Rockstar could make changes to these files any day they want and hence it cannot be confirmed.

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)

Flight Suits

YouTuber NoahJ456 explains in his video that the Flight School DLC with 1.16 update will be getting Flight Suits. There is no clarity on the nature of flight suits in the game, but it has been speculated that these could be for any or all of the following:

  • Parachuting
  • Base Jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Normal purpose

 10 Solo Missions

The new update is likely to give players 10 new solo missions that might make a master of the test pilot. According to the information, players will take hold of the Western Besra training jet and perform missions like combat manoeuvring, low flying challenges, flying formation and many more.

Reserve Parachutes and Parachute Bags

Players are likely to also get parachutes that will also have reserve parachutes, so if one does not work players can deploy the other. It is also likely that parachute bags will come in different designs that are customisable.

(YouTube Courtesy: Noh)

Release Date for Flight School DLC

Though Rockstar has said that they have not yet fixed any release date, it has been speculated that Flight School DLC will be released on 19 August when the U.S. will be celebrating its National Aviation Day.