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GTA 5 Online's 1.16 Update brings San Andreas Flight School

Close to the heels of the release of the release of 1.16 Update for GTA 5 Online, comes some recommendations by fans in the wish-list that asks Rockstar to make the update better by making some changes and adding some of the missed items.

Also, a weapons leak for the upcoming Heists DLC has also surfaced. The weapons like Thermite bomb and Flare guns are prominently featured.

Another upcoming event is the Weekend Double RP and Double GTA Money Event for GTA 5 Online starting 22 August and ends on 24 August.

The 1.16 update was released on 19 August 2014 that brought the San Andreas Flight school and parachutes, flight suits, aircrafts, helicopter and a roadster.

Flight School - Fan Wish-list to Make 1.16 Update Better

A YouTuber, NoahJ456, has come out with a video where he asks Rockstar to make the newly released 1.16 update for GTA 5 Online better by adding certain new features.

1. Reserve parachute - It does not automatically refresh when players jump out the plane - Once players use the reserve parachute for the first time they are unable to use it for the second time. As for its second-time usage, they have to go to Ammu-Nation and repurchase the reserve parachute

2. Clothing - Rockstar must provide all the clothing they have showed in the trailer introducing the San Andreas Flight School update. Clothing items like Dog Tags, Military Pants, Captain Outfits must be included as it will give variety. Presently everyone is now only using the flight suits and that is the only piece of new clothing that came with the update.

3. Hydra Jet - Just a day before the 1.16 update was released Hydra Jet was rumoured to be in the game. It was part of the leaks earlier and many had even named the 1.16 update as Hydra Jet DLC. But unfortunately when the update rolled out there was no sign of the Hydra Jet. It would be fun if Hydra was introduced at least in the later part of the game.

4. Guns - The 1.16 update should have had more guns, perhaps for free since there are lot of opportunity that these guns could be added.

5. Pricing - The Flight School DLC for GTA 5 Online is highly priced costing 6 million GTA money and if players wanted everything in the DLC they have to shell out close to 8 million GTA money in the game.

(YouTube Courtesy: NoahJ456)

Weapons Leak - Thermite Bomb, Flare Gun for Future Updates - Heists DLC for GTA 5 Online

Another YouTuber, DomisLive, has posted a video revealing some leaked information that will possible be in the next update, tentatively named 1.17 Update for GTA 5 Online . It is likely that these guns will be released with Heists DLC since the Thermite Bomb has the ability to melt metal and burn under water.

  • Unknown Assault Rifle
  • ACR Assault Rifle
  • Flare Gun - With multiple colours
  • Thermite Bomb

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)

Limited Edition Double Money, Double RP and Crate Drops in Flight School DLC

Players participating in the 1.16 update Event Weekend (22- 24 August) will get double GTA Money, double RP and an exclusive parachute as posted by YouTuber, NoahJ456 .

Players flying under the bridges are eligible for under-bridge RP bonuses like double RP. Also there will be a free heli-plane and discounted heli pick-up. This according to the YouTuber is not of great use.

Also, the properties are off by 25 percent - Del Perro Heights, Apartment 7 and 20.

Bonus event Crate drops will include huge GTA money, RP bonuses and heavy weaponry. There is nothing exciting here too. Also, players will also have a chance of winning 11 million GTA money and aviator licence plate if they take snapmatic photos and post it with the hash tag flights school.

Special High Flyer Parachute Bag

YouTuber, Chr0m3xMoDz has posted a short video on a Special High Flyer Parachute Bag that Rockstar will be giving away to players participate in the Weekend Event and complete the San Andreas Flight School Event Playlist that will be taking place from 22 to 24 August.

After completion they have headed to Ammu-Nation. The High Flyer Parachute Bag will be free of charge. Players can equip it from the inventory they have in Interaction Menu.

(YouTube Courtesy: Chr0m3xMoDz)