Renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) has shed some light on the upcoming DLC content in GTA Online in his latest gameplay video, as the next Tunables update is due for August 21. Rockstar Games did surprise the GTA community with the hastened launch of Ocelot XA-21 into the game, which actually gives away the next DLC release window.

GTA 5 Gunrunning update
GTA 5 Online: Details of upcoming DLC vehicle and free items revealedRockstar Games

As Ross explains, the end date for the current weekend event does actually hint at the release window for the next Tunables update as well as the next DLC release in GTA Online. In other words, all the existing discounts, bonuses, and special sale offers will cease on August 21. Consequently, the Tunables will be updated on the same day as Rockstar is likely to follow it up with a new DLC update in the online mode of GTA 5.

With August 21 falling on a Monday, the Tunables are likely to be updated early morning on August 22 which is a Tuesday. In other words, you can expect the Tunables to roll out at 4:30 am EST on Tuesday.

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The release timings of Tunables update for GTA 5 may vary depending on different time zones across the globe. Those in Europe will see the update at 10 am or 11 am in the morning while those on the western coast of the US will see the update at 1 am on August 22.

It may be recalled that the Gunrunning DLC was released almost two months ago and we still have one more DLC vehicle to be released in the game. That final vehicle is the Ocelot Ardent, which is based on the Lotus car from James Bond's popular movie series.

The Ocelot Ardent is a completely weaponised car, which can be bought from the Warstock Cache and Carry website in the game for around GTA$1 million. It is one of the cheapest options we can get from the Truffade line-up of cars.

The next Event Weekend DLC is likely to get the Ocelot Ardent along with a bunch of in-game freebies like new clothing, weapons and vehicle customisation upgrades. We did miss a new game mode in the current weekend bonus event in GTA Online and hence it is likely that the next Tunables update will introduce a new game mode or a new adversary mode in GTA Online.

In the next DLC, we might see the advent of new Power mods and maps featuring the beast instead of the juggernaut or we could actually get the Overtime Rumble with new shootout maps in GTA Online. The bonus discounts and special offers should continue through the next DLC iteration for the Gunrunning update as there is a lot of scope for in-game investment in GTA 5.

A new time trial or a premium race is also on the cards with the upcoming update in GTA Online. In the current week, we have already seen the Black Coil T-shirt being offered as the free item of the week and hence there is every chance that we might see more such T-shirts being offered as part of Rockstar's Summer Sale bonanza.

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Once the Ardent is released, it signals the end of Gunrunning content for GTA Online. So, what's in store for the avid GTA gamers with the upcoming updates?

Prolific tipster Funmw2 had this to say in his recent post on GTA Forums: "One of the upcoming Adv modes with the next update is codenamed LIONDEN revolves around picking up packages much like Inch by Inch or Collection Time."

It is almost certain that LIONDEN is going to make its debut soon with one of the next few title updates in GTA 5. Gunrunning update has already seen three or four such adversary modes with brand new maps for each of them, and it seems like Rockstar has developed an affinity for releasing such challenging game modes in GTA Online.

As the YouTuber notes, it is unlikely that we will get a new standalone DLC in GTA 5 anytime soon. To be precise, it might take the same period of time as the one between the release of Cunning Stunts Special Vehicle Circuit and the Gunrunning update.

Going by Rockstar's DLC release pattern, it is likely that the next full-fledged DLC for the game would be released sometime in October. We will keep you updated with more news from Rockstar in the coming days. So, stay tuned...