YouTuber Chaotic has revealed the updated list of best armoured and bulletproof vehicles in GTA Online, based on their price, bulletproof capability, explosive resistance and speed. The list includes the best performing armoured cars across each class, following the release of Gunrunning update in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Gunrunning update
GTA 5 Online: Best armoured and bulletproof vehicles in game explained [Full list]Rockstar Games

As the YouTuber explains, the scoring mechanism involves five points for each of the four testing parameters or 20 points in total. There are currently 18 armoured vehicles you can buy for personal and unrestricted use in GTA Online.

Here's the full list: the Night Shark, the Insurgent, the Insurgent Pick-up Truck and the Insurgent Pick-up Custom, the Duke O' Death, the Kuruma, the APC, the Rhino Tank, the Benefactor XLS SUV, the Gallivanter Baller, the Gallivanter Baller (Long Wheel Base), the Cognoscenti, the Cognoscenti 55, the Benefactor Schafter V12 and the Benefactor Schafter (Long Wheel Base).

Heavy Night Shark

The brand new armoured vehicle available in GTA Online can be purchased from the Warstock Cache and Carry website for GTA$1,245,000. It scores 4 out of 5 or 4/5 in the Value for Money rating, thanks to the armoured plating around the windows, doors, and the windshield of the vehicle.

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Given its heavy weight, it is an ideal weapon for smashing other vehicles on the road and bulldozing your way through obstacles during a quick getaway.

Not to mention, the Night Shark packs some serious firepower in the form of machine guns on the front bumper to give you the winning edge in the death races. The armoured plating looks quite strong and reliable as none of the bullets can scrape through the front, but the sides and the rear seem to be vulnerable when shot at close range. Given the obvious limitations, it scores 3/5 in the armour rating.

Coming to the explosive resistance, the Night Shark is capable of withstanding at least five sticky bombs and could go all the way up to eight sticky bombs, before its engine catches fire and explodes. So, it scores a neat 5/5 in the explosive-resistance benchmark.

Despite being a heavily-built car, the Night Shark is still one of the fastest armoured vehicles in the game. In comparison to similarly weighing cars in the game, it clearly outplays the competition and secures 4/5 in the speed test. However, it is no match for lightweight armoured cars like Kuruma. It scores 16/20 in the overall score and seems to be a formidable weapon of choice if you have a million to spare.

Regular Insurgent

It is fairly well priced at GTA$897,750 and those who have completed the Humane Labs Raid can purchase this vehicle for a special trade price of GTA$675,000. It definitely offers great value for money and hence secures 5/5, especially given its low price.

Coming to bulletproof capability, the Regular Insurgent fails to impress on all counts as bullets can easily sneak through the windshield and side windows of the car. There is no armoured shield on the windows or windshield as it is protected with some bulletproof glass that offers little cosmetic value.

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It scores only 2/5 in the armour test. It can withstand up to five sticky bombs and hence it scores 4/5 in the explosive resistance test. Coming to the speed test, it is not as fast as the Night Shark and hence it only scores 3 out of 5 or 3/5. Overall, the Insurgent scores 14/20.

Insurgent Pick-up Custom

It is the superior variant of Insurgent Pick-up Truck and can be purchased for $1,350,000 after completing the Humane Labs Raid. It can be fully customised for just $200,000 at your Mobile Operations Centre. It scores 4/5 in the value for money rating. Customisations include upgraded turret, armoured plating around the vehicle at all the windows and doors.

However, its bulletproof resistance is abysmal as the windshield glass is easily breakable with just a few bullets shot at a close range. So, it only scores 2/5 in the bulletproof test.

It takes at least five sticky bombs, before it catches fire and can go up to 9 sticky bombs before it explodes. Someone sitting on the driver side gets the maximum protection against explosive damage on this vehicle and he/she will get killed only after taking more than eight hits from sticky bombs. Consequently, it scores 5/5 in the explosive resistance test.

Coming to the speed, it is as sluggish as the Regular Insurgent, despite being on the lighter side. It scores a mere 3/5 in the speed test. Overall, it also scores 14/20, but it is a better choice than the standard Insurgent simply due to its mounted turret on the rooftop.

Duke O' Death

It is available for free if you are a returning player. Otherwise, you need to shell out $660,000, which is still great value for money. It scores a 5/5 for its price and tons of features onboard.

It has strong bulletproof resistance as there is no cosmetic glass involved in its armoured plating on the windows and windshield. It scores a neat 4/5 in the armour rating.

Coming to the explosive-damage resistance, it takes only two sticky bombs to catch fire and explode on its own. However, it could take up to four sticky bomb hits when someone is sitting inside. The overall explosive resistance of the car is quite commendable and hence it scores 4/5 in this test.

Coming to the speed test, it is undoubtedly the fastest armoured cars in the game if not the best. So, it scores 5/5 when it comes to top speed and acceleration. Overall, the Duke O' Death gets a score of 18/20.

Check out the rest of the armoured vehicles such as the Kuruma, the APC and the Rhino Tank being put through a stern test with machine-gun firing and sticky bomb explosions in the gameplay video below: