Rockstar Games is widely expected to roll out a new DLC in GTA Online sometime next week while renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW (aka Ross) reveals an intuitive way to make tons of in-game money or GTA$ ahead of the DLC release. It is imperative to maintain enough cash balance in your GTA bank account, especially if you are planning to buy the Ocelot Ardent or any of the expensive DLC vehicle upgrades in GTA Online.

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GTA 5 Online: Tips and tricks to make $130,000 in less than 5 minutesRockstar Games

Mountain Drop Challenge

Doing premium races or Time Trials such as the Mountain Drop is one of the easiest ways to mint money in the GTA world. This is due to the fact that the time spent in Time Trials is lower while the reward earned is much higher than other regular missions in the game.

As Ross puts it, this week's Time Trial is touted to be the easiest and yet the fastest in the history of the game. The only challenge you will face with premium races is the enormous waiting time it takes to fill up the lobby as the race refuses to start until all players are in ready status.

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Now, the ridiculous part of this Time Trial challenge is that it could take you more time waiting for players before the game begins than actually completing the race itself. This week's premium race 'Mountain Drop', is a point-to-point race which is technically faster than completing a 3-lap race that normally lasts for around 12 minutes.

A motorcycle stunt racing is undoubtedly the easiest challenge, given its predictable physics and gameplay mechanics. You will just need a Nagasaki Shotaro or a Hakuchou Drag to beat this challenge without a sweat.

Basically, the challenge involves a multitude of jumps in line with its title 'Mountain Drop'. The catch here is that you just have to lean back on your motorcycle every time after making the jump in order to maintain your balance and avoid unnecessary braking. Doing a well-timed lean back will give some insane speed boosts as opposed to those who lean forward or retain a normal sitting posture.

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To be precise, you might need roughly around two to three minutes to finish this challenge without making any mistakes. You could perform wheelies to stay ahead in the race.

You will need to shell out $20,000 up front to participate in the race and the winner takes home $100,000. So, if you are the winner you gain $80,000 for a simple race lasting under three minutes. Once you have cleared the race in one of the top three positions, you will not be allowed to re-enter the challenge for the next 48 minutes.

Considering the average player-waiting time and the time spent on completing the challenge, you will technically earn around $130,000 for every five minutes of time spent on Mountain Drop time-trial.

Maze Bank Challenge

Maze Bank Challenge is another easiest time-trial that's doing the rounds in GTA Online wherein you can use the same bike like the Shotaro to win the race. It kicks off at the Maze Bank Arena and you just have to follow a straight-line path for the entire duration of the race.

The incoming NPC vehicles will pose the biggest challenge when you drive through the city of Los Santos and Blaine County as some random NPC cars could make a wild turn or stop abruptly in your way. If you did manage those obstacles, you will be richer by $50,000 at the end of the time-trial or in less than 60 seconds.