GTA 5 Online
GTA Online gets new snowfall, custom and adversary mode.Twitter/RockstarGames

GTA 5 Online, the popular video game from Rockstar, received additions to its Festive Surprise, just in time for Christmas.

Rockstar has added new features like snowfall feature, Adversary Mode called Jaggernaut and Comet Retro Custom upgrade. Additionally it will be giving out major bonuses and gifts, which will be inclusive of Double GTA money & RP, discounts, weapons, outfits and more, announced Rockstar in its Newswire post.

Pfister Comet Retro Custom

The custom has is available at the Benny's Original Motor Works.

Jaggernaut – new adversary mode

This new adversary mode pits two opposing teams. Both suit up as Jaggernaut, heavily-armoured with dangerous chingun. The Attacker needs to take out enemy Jaggernaut and protect their own. If a team is unable to take down enemy Jaggernaut within the stipulated time, then Sudden Death rules come into play.

Players need to draw the first blood to win in the mode. The mode will earn doubled GTA money and RP until January 1.

Snowfall and other gifts

To mark the festivities, Rockstar has added the rare snowfall feature, which will last until December 26.

Players can now make snow projectiles (snowballs) and get into some fun fight with their in-game friends. To activate, players have to press left on the D-pad to collect up to nine snowballs.

Starting December 25, anyone who logs in to GTA 5 Online will get the following:

  • Unicorn Mask
  • Set of Pajamas (Either White Graphic or Blue Check)
  • Fireworks Launcher plus 10 Fireworks rockets
  • Carbine Rifle plus 200 rounds of Ammo
  • Marksman Rifle plus 200 rounds of Ammo
  • Basic Knuckle Dusters
  • 25 Sticky Bombs
  • 25 Grenades
  • 5 Proximity Mines
  • 5 Molotovs
  • Full Snacks
  • Full Armor

Players would also be getting special gifts for logging in on December 24 or December 26, which includes Fireworks Launcher plus 10 Fireworks rockets and a special Event Tee of their liking.


Players will also be getting 50 percent more of GTA money on all Vehicle Exports, Biker Business Sales and on all Special Cargo Deliveries.