GTA 5 Online: Update related to Christmas content imminent
GTA 5 Online: Update related to Christmas content imminentNewswire

The hugely popular Grand Theft Auto 5 Online aka GTA 5 Online has once again come into limelight thanks to the buzz surrounding the future DLC update in 2016. Loyalists across the world are now anxious with regard to the release of the next GTA 5 DLC which is believed to be the Christmas DLC update.

Now, renowned GTA 5 tipster MrBossFTW (via his new YouTube video given at the end) attempts at providing clarity on the next GTA 5 DLC content rollout. MrBossFTW, in a Q&A session first of all, reminds gamers that this week would be the last when unreleased Bikers Content is seeded to GTA 5 gamers.

This means that after Rockstar is done with the Bikers Content, the engineers at the company are free to release the next major DLC (expected by gamers to be the Christmas update) whenever desired. The tipster opines that it could be next week or the subsequent week during which a major update to GTA 5 surfaces.

Therefore, GTA 5 loyalists are advised to keep their eyes and ears open for the next update from Rockstar's end. This could potentially have everything to do with Christmas content. The late-November and early-December timeline, as of now, is of utmost significance.

However, at this juncture, there is intense buzz surrounding the release of GTA 6 (unofficial). Popular gaming forums on the web are now flooded by queries with respect to the next GTA increment itself. A generalized answer, for this query that instantly comes to mind, is 2018 considering Rockstar's recent release pattern that is seemingly following a 5 year pattern.